Renovating the Living Room Pt. 2 – Rebuilding the Wall

Hi there, Catie here! So I thought the hard part of this renovation would be getting the actual brick wall out of the living room. After all, not much is harder than chiseling bricks out of your living space, right? Wrong. Turns out rebuilding walls is easier said than done (damn you HGTV.) Or maybe… Continue reading Renovating the Living Room Pt. 2 – Rebuilding the Wall

The Child’s View

Hey, everyone! Bina here. I'm the 17 year old, the middle of the three kids that my wonderful parents have. After some talking, my parents let me create a whole post on my own. On to the actual topic of this post: the child's view of having polyamorous parents. Originally, Catie was only, "mom's super… Continue reading The Child’s View

A less-than-perfect world

So far, we've written about how well we work together, how wonderful our family is, how idealistic everything is. The truth is, it's not always sunshine, rainbows, and unicorns. Just like any other family, we bicker, we tiff, we argue. Communication breaks down, someone gets a little loud, and someone else gets the silent treatment.… Continue reading A less-than-perfect world

Renovating the Living Room- How Hard Could It Be? Pt. 1 The Wall

First and foremost, we have a very comfy, cozy, loving home and I love it. But like all houses, it's aged. What looked great 15 years ago maybe doesn't look so great today. Carpets get worn (and puppies pee on them-oops), paint starts looking shabby, the people that live there just need a change sometimes.… Continue reading Renovating the Living Room- How Hard Could It Be? Pt. 1 The Wall