Hello everyone! Welcome to our blog. And I say our blog because there are two main authors to this blog, Catie and Lena. We are a polyamorous family and we’d love to share some highlights of our life with the world.

Though most will be done by Catie and/or Lena, some entries will be done by Paul, the  “lucky” man in the relationship. If truth be told, he’s only lucky some days. Other days, “cursed” is a better term. Ha!

We’ll be sharing stories on our life: how incredibly blessed we are,  how un-extraordinary some days are, and how we manage our life in a blended home. There’ll be ups and downs, joys and sorrows, and good days/bad days. As the reader, you’ll get to be a fly on the wall for most of it. How lucky are you?

We hope you’ll enjoy reading the craziness that comes through. We are open to questions and we’d love to get your feedback, so please reach out. We are not shy. 😉

In the meantime, hugs!


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