Whoa! Nice Shiny New Family Blog We’ve Got Here!

Hi there! Catie here, so what do you think of the place so far? Pretty bare I know, but Lena and I are working on it and it’s gonna be (mostly) fun when things get going! I say (mostly) fun because in addition to being super fun, we’re also super real. When things are less than fun, we’re going to be honest about it (admit it, drama is also kinda fun, I’m looking at you Reality TV.) But never fear, when things are fun (and super sexy fun) we’ll be here to talk about that too! 😀

So I’m a long time blogger over on Blogger so this WordPress thing is throwing me a little.

(You guys have NO IDEA how long it took me to figure out how to insert this very applicable .gif. NO IDEA!)

But now that we’re here I can’t wait to get started. Lena and I have a bunch of topics we can’t wait to blog about, sometimes together and other times seperately and we’re even going to drag The Guy on here sometimes because his point of view is important too. Also he’s super level headed most of the time….far less hormonal rage but I digress.

Anyhoo, feel free to jump in with comments (we like the positive ones best but feel free to be a jerk, negative nelly, asshole, someone we can teach to LOVE us if you want), thoughts, questions, etc.

A real honest to goodness post about a TOPIC will be coming very soon so add us to your bookmarks and check back soon!


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