Who are these people? Part one.


Hello again. Welcome back!

Perhaps it’d be a good idea to give you some background on who we are. I feel that this should be done in order of importance, so I’ll begin with…

Prix. He is the baby of the family, a cute kitten we adopted from our local shelter. An adorable gray tiger, he can do no wrong, this includes stealing bacon from the table – right in front of the adults who are doing taxes and ignoring him. It’s not his fault he has good taste.

I don’t know what they’re talking about. I’m a gentleman.

To which Catie interjects and says, “What?! Prix is a horrible bacon-stealing cat! Besides, we all know that Bailey is the glue that keeps the family together.”

Let’s ignore Catie’s reference to the sweetest cat in the world and acknowledge the rest. It’s true, Bailey is our sweet old lady girl. She was also adopted, but from Tennessee, and her age is anywhere between 12 and 15ish years old. Poor puppy has grays on her chin and is going deaf… 

Is that food? I want food.

Catie: “The sweetest dog on the planet! And a bit of a beggar. Okay… a lot of a beggar.”

Mr. Bigglesworth is our resident senior, a nineteen year old Himalayan cat. Don’t let his age fool you. He’s a trouble maker, too. Though in his defense, he learned it from The Shady Twins. If he hears a bowl of any kind, he will follow you, he will jump on the table, and will crawl all over you until he gets some of whatever you’re eating. It doesn’t matter what it is.


Catie: “The only cat to ever make me sneeze. That Biggles!”

Last, but not least, is the second Shady Twin (the first is Prix). 

Catie: “Our desperate-to-be-a-real-tom-cat cat. Too bad that problem was taken care of.”

And from a distance, we hear Bina, “The best cat in the house!”

Catie: “Not that we play favorites with our pets.”

Bina: “Meow, meow, MFs!”

I’m not sure I agree with Bina or Catie. I mean, Felix is a great cat, but… Prix… Besides, Felix has picked Bina as his human, so her opinion doesn’t count.

Bina: “Yes it does!”

He was sort of adopted. He was going to a shelter, and we intervened. Now, he’s BFF’s with Prix and the two of them run around the house causing chaos, knocking things over, stealing food (including Catie’s coffee), and being typical cats. 


Catie: “Did you know that caffeine is bad for cats? I had to google that and had a small heart attack. I had no idea how much he drank.”

Now that the important family members are out of the way, let’s chat about the humans. 

Bina: “Hey, did you talk about Princess?”

Oh shit!

Bina: “How… How could you forget about Princess?”

Princess is our resident… Royal? She’s a dachshund/puggle mix and God forbid someone not pay attention to her. If one is with her, then one must pet her. One must feed her. One must worship her. As the royal she is. She’s a slightly annoying bugger but so damn cute. It’s her coloring. It makes her look sooooo sad. Don’t believe her. She’s spoiled.

I am not spoiled. I am a sad, sad puppy. Unloved…. Would I lie??

Now, you might be wondering “What do pets have to do with being poly?” Honestly? Not much. We just thought we’d give you an intro to the family. 

Until next time!


Catie here, as you can tell, our “more is better” mentality definitely applies to pets too. Why have one dog when you can have 2? And lets face it, cats are like potato chips, you can’t just have one.

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