Love as a rainbow…

giphy7   How much love can one heart hold? 

Strange question, no? Certainly most individuals love their parents, their siblings.


Okay, at least on some days.


People love their extended family, right? Their close friends?


Is there a max? Maybe just enough for a spouse? Maybe barely sufficient for children? Wait. Does the love a person carry for someone expire when they love another?

I can’t believe that. The heart expands. It’s boundless. Limitless. Infinite.

The love you feel for a child is different than the one you share with your partner. Does it make it any less powerful? Any less valid? No. Of course not. It may be a different color, but it’s just as true and genuine. Think of it as a rainbow. The same applies to anyone else who has a piece of your heart.

  • Yellow for the innocent child,
  • Red for the passion of a lover,
  • Green with envy for your older brother, the one with the big house and the expensive car, and you still love him because he’s your brother, but you kind of still want his stuff…

WAIT! Ignore that last one. Um…

  • Pale blue for the best friend who soothes you by simply being there.

giphy11  Just because it’s different, doesn’t mean it’s any less genuine.

Sometimes, it bothers me how our society views relationships. In order for love to be “real,” it must conform to made up rules.

  • “It must be between a man and a woman.”
  • “The two shall marry.”
  • “The two shall have children.”
  • “He must provide to the family.”
  • “She must keep the home.”
  • “Infidelity will not be tolerated. Certainly not on her side.”
  • “He must show respect by keeping his affairs quiet.”

I’m sure some of you reading this believe that this list is bullcrap. And I agree. Wholeheartedly. Who came up with this stuff? Some guys a couple of thousand years ago?

Why do people need to look at others and judge them? I know, I know. It’s human and I do it too. 😐

Love is about finding someone who accepts you. Quirks and all. Who supports you, who isn’t afraid or ashamed to stand by you.

Who gives a shit if that person doesn’t conform to someone else’s view of what is proper and right? Screw ’em. You love who you love and be joyous!



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