Who are these people? Part deux!

What can I say about the people I live with? Beyond that they are a bit nuts? Because, they are nuts. As am I. But don’t we have to be? To be blended like this?

Here’s a short rundown. Paul and I are traditionally married and have two girls. Catie has a son in his twenties from a previous relationship; he does not live with us but visits often. 

Let’s begin with the youngest. We’ll call her T. She’ll be starting high-school in the fall. A quirky kid, she lives with earbuds on and a screen in front of her face. All day. Every day. Drives me bonkers. 

Catie: Drives Catie bonkers, too. But wait, not my monkey, not my circus.

It’s her circus only sometimes

Catie then makes this face:


Next is the “middle child” that is the eldest, Bina.

Here’s the thing. T and Bina are siblings, biologically. Bina is seventeen but Catie’s son, Ri, is older and they all refer to each other as brother/sisters. So even though Bina is the older of my girls, she refers to Ri as her older brother. It’s especially confusing to outsiders who don’t know the whole story.

Bina is starting college in the fall. She’s an honors student who loves to write fanfiction. She also loves to argue. I remember, when she was a kid, I told her that the sky was blue. She said, “No it’s not. It’s orange, and purple sometimes, too.” We keep telling her she should be a lawyer, but she argues that she’s not interested.


As for Paul and I… We are celebrating twenty years of wedded… Bliss? Yes, that’s the word. Bliss. (For those of you doing math and wondering how old we are, let me say that I’m twenty nine. 😉 That’s right, I was nine when we married – a child bride. 😉 Just go with it.) 

Catie: This is just one of those things to let go of.

See how brilliant she is? That’s why we love her.

Anyway, Paul is one of those active handy-man types. He’s always on the move, always working on some project. And there are two or three projects on hold. He’s one of those strange people who can grab a manual of something and actually understand the words there. He can read alien words!

And things need to be done now. Or yesterday.

Bina: One day he wanted new couches; he got them that day.


It’s true. He wants things done quickly – but correctly. No shortcuts. 

Catie: No, no shortcuts and god forbid you use the handle of his screwdriver like a hammer… you’ll never hear the end of it. Jeesh. But before you start thinking he’s all business, let me be clear he’s not. He may like things “just so” but he’s also got a great sense of humor, likes the same adult cartoons I do and is pretty good at putting up with my snark. Oh and he’s got this whole heart of gold, help anyone as much as he can thing going on.

Which is kind of funny, considering he has long hair and a goatee. I’ve had people tell me he’s scary looking. “If my car broke down in the middle of the night, I’d scream if I saw him walk by.” My reply was, “Honey, if your car breaks down in the middle of the night, you’ll want him there. Because he can fix it and he’ll make sure you get home safely.” It’s true. He goes out of his way to make sure people are safe and happy. He’s a good egg, that Paul. But don’t tell him I said so. He doesn’t need a bigger head.

Okay, that’s enough for now. Until next time!



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