Who are these people? Part Three

Hi there! Catie here!  I’m here to finish up the introductions, you can tell it’s me because I didn’t use any fancy French words in the title. We don’t all write professionally some of us just like to blog because WORDS!

All this writer talk is an excellent segway into introducing someone who is actually a professional writer…..



Lena is Paul’s wife, mother to Bina and T and my girlfriend. She’s also 29-ish, a fantastic story teller with two romance novels under her belt (available on Amazon, link on the About page ;-P ) With a third well underway. I wish I could tell you what the books are about but I’ve been banned from reading them. I gather that they are “traditional” non-poly romance pieces. Lena is kind, friendly, determined and easily distracted. She questions everything, has big ideas and excellent taste. She loves to travel (but damn kids are expensive) try new things, almost anything cute and fuzzy but especially if it’s feline. (As in “Look at this adorable man-eating tiger, isn’t he the sweetest thing?!?!”)

Next up is my favorite human on the planet and yes that is because I made him…


We all knew I’d put a muppet in here somewhere, admit it.

Ri is my only offspring, my one and done. My now grown up baby boy. How can I describe Ri? He’s kind, friendly, annoying (only sometimes), a practical joker with an oddball sense of humor. A lover of all animals, especially feathered ones (he has an attack conure named Sunny.) Ri has chosen not to live with us but to stay in his hometown with my parents. He loves his “sisters” but he also loves privacy, sleeping late,(he does work at night) alone time, a noisy bird and his grandparents. He happy, I’m happy and he visiting as often as he possibly can. And I call him every night….because that’s just the kind of mom I am.

And then there’s me, Catie. I’ll be 40 in just a few days (I’ll deal). I’m girlfriend to both Paul and Lena and mom to Ri. I’ve worked in banking since 1998, it’s dull. I love my all cooking but right now especially my Instant Pot, Hawaii, beaches, quiet, Henry David Thoreau, dogs, cats and most of all – my family. Because like the sign in our kitchen says:

We ARE going to live happily ever after, Even If It Kills Us!!”

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