Sunday Funnies – no spiders!

Picture it: It’s Sunday morning; the bright sun is peeking through the blinds but it’s still way too early to get up. The three of us are snuggled in bed, Paul on one side, me on the other, and Catie in the middle. And then it happens. He wakes up–the weirdo that enjoys rising with the sun.

This is not an exaggeration.

Catie would prefer to sleep until noon, but hasn’t been able to do that since she moved in with us. Poor thing. She is definitely a night owl who is forced awake far too early, far too frequently.

As for me…

But not Paul. He is this weird individual who is always on the move. Whether it’s morning, noon, or night. It’s disgusting.

A little too much coffee? Yup.

This morning, I was still mostly asleep when I heard Catie speaking softly, “Don’t. Don’t do it.” I didn’t know what was about–and I didn’t care. Just let me sleep. Next thing I know, I’m being poked in the ribs. I groan, annoyed.

“I didn’t do it!” Paul’s cheery voice told me he was fully awake, and lying. “It was Catie!”

The record should show that Paul has a bad habit of going around poking and booping the people he loves. The closer you are, the more you’re likely to receive.



He’s lucky we love him. It’s why he still lives.

Some additional conversation took place while I ignored them, but then I heard Catie tell him, “Just go back to sleep.”

“I don’t think I can,” he replied, “I’m awake now.”

“I can help you with that,” Catie said. “Can I have your pillow?”


Worry not, no homicide took place. But unfortunately, we were all awake at that point. Sigh.


Hi there, Catie here! For the record I didn’t plan on killing him. I just wanted to make him pass out. Minimal drain blamage. He refused to give me his pillow and then asked who was going to the bakery with him to pick up some fresh bread. I love Lena for taking that one for the team as I seem to be coming down with a cold and leaving bed before 7:30 on a Sunday (after spending a lovely afternoon of swimming in the Atlantic the day before)  was not going to happen.  

Not even for Gandolf.

I think yesterday’s funny might have been even better, and not just because I didn’t threaten to harm anyone. Lena and Bina decided to sneak in an episode of Criminal Minds, Paul and I are not fond of this show so we refused to let them play the sound on the car’s speakers. Never fear though because Bina reached into her pocket and pulled out a set of earbuds they could share!! But they were completely tangled up. Without thinking Bina said:  “They had sex.” Paul and I (in the front seat) both heard “I had sex.”  I was driving so I could only see Paul out of the corner of my eye. His face was a mixture of pride and OHMYGODIDONOTWANTTOKNOW. But we both said “What, you had what??!?” at the same time. This is how I know Bina was not thinking, Paul and I have especially dirty minds, innuendo is one of our favorite things. Bina knows this and generally avoids any material that we could have fun with. She quickly spluttered “These had sex, not me!! They intertwined in my pocket!!”  


Paul and I are now giggling like middler schoolers with a playboy.

Catie: I don’t think that’s any better, Bina.

Paul: You made them have sex in your pocket?? Sicko. Actually I was sorta hoping you got laid, maybe the stick would come out of your ass.

Bina: HEY!!! 

No worries everyone, Bina was giggling too. 

Bina’s reaction as she read this. “You guys suck.”



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