Monday Funnies – A collection of boyfriends

Short background. T, the youngest of our family, is a little quirky. She has autistic characteristics, but not enough to be called autistic.  She has ADHD characteristics, but not enough to be diagnosed with ADHD. She has this, that, and the other thing, but not enough for an official label. Whatever she is, she's high functioning.

Having said that, she's not very observant.

Catie has lived with us for two years. Before that, she would sleep over on weekends for a while. And before that, she would visit all the time. She and Ri have been a part of our family for so long the kids refer to themselves as siblings and Catie has been referred to as The Other Mother.


This weekend, Paul and Catie were chatting about something and the term "girlfriend" (in reference to Catie) popped up. T heard and innocently asked, "Is that legal?!"

You might be asking yourself, "After all this time, she doesn't know?"

The rest of us just shook our heads.


Catie replied, "Yes, honey, it is." After a small pause, she continued and said something that would blow T's mind. "You can do it too, have a husband and a boyfriend."

(Short and amusing side story: When T first started school, she met a boy named "Thomas." The two clicked and became friends. Fast forward a few years, and she met another boy named "Thomas." They too became friends. Maybe not as close as "Thomas A" but the three would hang out at school together. Fast forward again, and we heard about yet another "Thomas." At this point, we began to wonder if T was collecting "Thomases.")

When Catie mentioned that T could have a husband and a boyfriend, T's eyes grew wide as she pondered the idea. We think she really liked it.


And then Catie did it again. She blew T's mind a second time with something even better. "You could not get married and just have as many boyfriends as you want."


We wondered if T was imagining a collection of "Thomases," as many as she could possibly get.

The record should show that we did mention that this would have to be known among all involved. No secrets (aka, no cheating).

Still, seeing her wide eyed gaze as she imagined the possibilities was quite amusing.



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