A Real Collection of Partners?

It’s a good question. In our poly world why is there only one man in this relationship? And why are there only three of us at all? Isn’t the poly lifestyle all about many partners?


Oh and hi there, Catie here. Should have said that first.

First things first, yes absolutely for some poly is all about having as many partners as they can handle. In many ways I’m a little jealous of the people that can pull that off. I don’t think I’m one of them for a few reasons.

  1. Energy
  2. Time
  3. Lack of Interest
  4. Have you seen what’s out there??

First , Paul is more than I can handle most days. He is an energizer bunny in all things with seemingly boundless energy. If you need exercise, chase him around for a weekend. All your errands will be done, the house will be cleaned, yard work done along with any car repairs and he’ll have found a way to fuck you every four hours. You’ll have way over the recommended 10k steps each day.

This is what Lena and I look like after a day chasing Paul

After all that sex and running around, who has the energy to get ready to go on a date??

Which leads to my second reason for not wanting additional partners. I really don’t have the time. In addition to being a pretty awesome girlfriend *wink wink* I have a life, a full time job, a few kids, a house that needs renovating. It’s hard enough to make time to date Paul and Lena. Finding time to meet and date another person would be nearly impossible.

Nope, no time. Sorry.

But what if there was time? I still don’t think I would be interested in adding to our little group. Have you been on Tin.der or Plenty of Fish lately? Scary stuff and I have enough single friends to know that it’s a crazy, unsolicited dick pic sending world out there. I’m all set, thanks. That said, I’m not a prude. I enjoy receiving the occasional nude when accompanied by some flirty texting. But a “Yo baby, how’d you like some of this!” text accompanied by an honestly unimpressive dick pic?  Nah, no thanks. Sorting through the 99% terrible to find a single diamond in the rough just isn’t for me. I have diamonds at home, why keep searching?

Oh and why do men not understand camera angles? Seriously, they could help… enhance things. I mean it’d be false advertising but still…

It would be easy to say that the online dating pool is just too easy to access so its going to be 99% horrible people. Its better to meet in the real world, right? Um, no. A recent trip to a club for a concert has proven that in real life, the dating pool sucks. Were people just better looking and more polite in the 90’s? Probably not but that one night out was enough to make me glad that I’ve spent the majority of my life not single.  The bands were awesome though so being completely wiped out the next day was totally worth it.

For now, I’m happy with us as a threesome. Could that change? Sure but I’m not looking to make that happen anytime soon.


Hi guys, Lena putting in her two cents.

First I’d like to mention that yes, I think our family is complete. It’s complicated enough with the three of us, plus the kids, two dogs, three cats, and other family members that pull our attention (think parents, siblings, nieces/nephews – whom we love! but it’s a lot.)

Yeah… Let’s stop here.

Having said that, if someone was to fall in our lap, I’d be okay with it. I’m one of those people who think “the more, the merrier” even if it leads to some… complications? Anyway, it’d be fun to play with another dick.


Or not… Yikes!

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