Sunday Funnies – Bickering

Weekends equal errands. That means fixing things, laundry, dinner ideas for the week, shopping lists, shopping at three stores-minimum, etc. This also leads to a slight blood-pressure increase.

Paul is making a list with Catie for things we need in the kitchen, I’m in the bedroom. He calls for me, “Honey, can you come with me to Stop & Shop?” After a quick pause, he continues, “You’ll have to put on outside-pants.”

I yell back, “These are outside pants.” Technically, this is true. They’re comfy joggers. But in his defense, I wear them as pajama bottoms. He doesn’t reply.

Eventually, I join them in the kitchen. Paul is sitting at the table, writing things down, while Catie is opening cupboards and fridge/freezer.

Catie says we need more almond horns. Paul says, “I just got two boxes.” Catie informs him that one of the boxes is already gone and the other is already opened. He looks at me, shocked.


They continue to plan, like normal adults. My eyes glaze over. blah blah blah. Paul comments that he’ll need to go to another store to pick up some of the items. At that point, I ask him, “Are we heading out?”

I should mention that I’m pushing his buttons. On purpose. Because it’s funny.

I know, I know… I’m not nice.

He looks at me with a blend of annoyance and confusion. “Yes. Why?”

“Because I need to put on my outside pants.”


He pulls Catie close with an arm around her waist and says lovingly, “You’re my favorite.”

I laugh.


Hi there, Catie here! I was his favorite at that point but just a few minutes before we started making the grocery list, I was pushing Paul’s buttons. You see, we grew up and very different households. Paul said he was going to go clean the downstairs fridge (yes we need two refrigerators) and I say “But it’s not messy!” He disagrees and wanders off with paper towels and cleaners. I shrug and wander off to the bedroom to change out of my pjs. When I come back Paul is on his knees scrubbing the refrigerators doors. WTF is that about? 

Me: What are you doing?

Paul: Cleaning the fridge.

Me: Why? 

Paul: It’s dirty.

Me: You are cleaning an appliance. Should I go dustbuster the vacuum? 

Paul: Someone is going to get a beating.

I hope its me…

Hee hee hee!



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