Sunday Night Funnies – Heard around the house…

This isn’t your normal blog post. Then again, we’re not your “normal” family, so I think it’s appropriate to have non-normal things on here.

The below are random tidbits of conversations you would hear if you were nearby… I hope you enjoy!

Early in the morning:

Catie (from the kitchen): Paul hit me!

Me (walking into the kitchen from the hallway): Did you say thank you?

Catie: Yes.


At some point in the afternoon, I hear Catie and Paul playfully bickering while walking past them.

Paul: Oh, that’s it. I’m going to beat you.

Catie (dismissive): Whatever.

Paul: I didn’t hear you complaining this morning. If I remember right, you liked it.

Catie (tone changing to a blend of amused guilt): Well, yeah.


Early evening:

Catie (while making lunches for the next day): Paul, is that enough salad dressing?

Paul: No, I need more.

Catie (turns bottle upside down, starts shaking the last drops out of it): Damn it, just take the bottle (but continues to shake it).

Paul (watching Catie shake the bottle up and down): Aw, that’s it, honey. Shake it. Shake every last drop out of it. Oh, yeah. Now squeeze it tight. Hmm… Yeah… 

If I had porn music to play, I would’ve.

Time passes and we’re getting ready for bed.

Catie: I’m going to take a shower.

Me: Make sure to scrub your weiner.

Catie: Paul? You need to come with me. Lena told me to scrub my weiner.

All weiners and non-weiners need to be clean.

These are just the few tidbits I remember. I wish we had a recorder with us all day, because there are just too many conversations that I forget.

Until next time.


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