Sunday Funnies – Murder!

I think I’ve mentioned that Bina will be starting college in the fall. To help pay for it, she got a fed loan. Looking to educate her on the commitment that comes with a loan, especially this type of loan, I went through every paragraph with her, explaining what everything meant.

And then, I got to the section about loan forgiveness. “You can’t dismiss this loan with bankruptcy,” I stressed, “you have to pay it back.” I kept reading and clarified, “But it will be forgiven if you die.”

Bina said, “Oh, I should just die.” Or something along those lines.


I snickered. “It’s better than our loans. If your father and I die, you still have to honor that debt.” She frowned at me, confused. “We have a mortgage, car loans, credit card bills. You have to pay all that back.”

“Me?!” She sat up straighter, eyes wide with shock. “I don’t have money to pay that crap.”


I laughed. “It’s fine. Your father and I have life insurance. It’s enough to pay all our debt and still have a little left over for you and your sister to start your life.”

“Oh,” she sat forward again, relaxed. “How much is it?” I told her and watched as her interest was piqued.

“So, mom…” Her voice drifted off and she contemplated what she wanted to ask. Looking oddly at me, she asked, “Have you considered death recently?”


I pretended to be appalled. “You want me to commit suicide, just so you can get my money?!”

“No, no, no!” Bina replied quickly. After a moment, she clarified, “How about murder? Just a little one.”


I shook my head.

From the kitchen, we heard Catie, “No more Criminal Minds for you two!”


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