Sunday Morning Fun?

Chaos! Chaos! I tell you!

Hi There, Catie here. We’re away for a long weekend. All six of us. I wouldn’t exactly call the trip relaxing but it’s been full of firsts so far.

We are visiting the same tiny town we frequent but staying in a new condo for the first time…

The two older kids got their first Tattoos. Lena and Paul were cool as cucumbers while Bina had hers done, I hovered as Ri got his. I don’t have a spare kid, I hover when he has anything done to him. Yes even haircuts.

We saw a wild moose for the first time while driving over the Kanc to get dinner and do some shopping. Moose are not pretty, why do people actually go looking for them? At least bears look something like dogs…

This is the first trip I’ve been up here and not gotten the chance to jump into a hot tub for a bit. We’ve been on the go pretty much the whole time.

I’m very glad I have tomorrow off. By the time we get home I’m going to want to crash for days.

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