Oh Wait We Have a Blog!?!

Hey we have a family blog! Hi there, Catie here!


Sorry about the brief hiatus friends, things have been relaxingly busy around here for the last couple weeks so the blog fell off the to do list. So what were we up to all this time?

I was able to grab an airbnb in NH the last weekend of August (which happened to fall on Bina’s 18th birthday) so the six of us went away for the weekend and the two “big” kids and Lena got tattoos. They are beautiful, seriously this artist is amazing. We walked in off the street with ideas and without appointments but 2 hours later the “kids” walked out with their amazing new ink. Lena liked the work so much she made an appointment for the next day. So if you ever find yourself in Woodstock, NH and you’re looking to get a new tattoo check out Millennium Tattoo and Body Piercing. If I ever decide to get another tattoo it’s where I’ll be going. The rest of the trip was great too, I love it when we get to spend solid blocks of time all together.

Once we got home from NH things were just busy. All the adults went back to work, T started high school (eek!) and Ri started working full time (also eek! I’ll never see him again.) We all just pushed through that week with an eye towards the upcoming Labor Day Three Day Weekend! Well, for some of us. Mr. Paul decided that volunteering to work on Saturday would be tons of fun. At least he got out earlier than we expected him to which it gave us time to go grocery shopping before friends came over for dinner and games. It was a bit of a hazy night, I may or may not have had 4 or 5 beers too many but a good time was had by all. I love fun Saturday nights.


Sunday we managed to strike that careful balance between getting things done and relaxing. Now that all the renovations in the living areas are done we decided to take the day to restore the furnishings and decorations to their rightful spots. This involved many trips up and down the stairs (damn I’m out of shape) but it was done relatively quickly and we ended up with a nice pile of “stuff” that we didn’t need anymore to donate. Always good to clean out a little. Once that was done the three of us flopped in front of junk TV and relaxed. It was great, I loved every second.


Yesterday (Monday) was entirely relaxing for me, Paul and I ran a couple quick errands in the morning and then relaxed for the rest of the day. Lena went to visit a writer friend so they could chat and work on their next novels (away from us pesky distractions.)  When she got home we had a nice dinner and then Ri came over so we watched the newest Alien movie together. I have to say, I really do like Alien movies but now I feel like watching the entire Nightmare on Elm Street series. Gotta love Freddy.


That brings us to today. I extended the long weekend by taking today off too. So far all I’ve done is write this blog post, drink a cup of coffee and eat some popcorn. I need a break after all the relaxing we’ve been doing 😉 I should probably check the weather at some point. I hear there might be a hurricane coming our way, fitting that it would be named Irma. No one likes Aunt Irma do they?

We’ll be back Friday with a post about….Finances. Maybe. Unless we come up with something better.




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