Sunday Not-So-Funnies

Sorry, folks. September has been quite a busy month for us, and it’s only been a couple of weeks.

T started high school at the end of August and Bina started college right after Labor Day. I had to put my Treasurer’s hat on again for my writers group (our fiscal year begins in September) and since everyone is back from vacation, work has been picking up again, too. I’m so glad we decided to take a mini-getaway last month.

I’m already ready for another one.

The news has been peaking our interest, especially since J’s parents (the RN we’re so proud of) live in Florida, right on the purple section of the map. (That’s the section where Irma will hit the hardest.) Early this morning, I was dreaming of talking to J’s dad and telling him to be careful. (The subconscious mind is a little weird, huh?) To the folks who live in Irma’s path…

Please Be Safe!!!

This chatter of storms led us to talking about our own safety. We’re in MA, so we’re very thankful to be safe from Harvey and Irma, but we’ve lost power plenty of times in the past, so Paul (boy scout that he is) decided to buy a generator a couple of years ago. (We had a fairly big storm and ended up with no power for over a week. That would be the last time we went without power.) Thankfully, we haven’t had a need for it. But just in case he’s not around, he thought it wise to show Catie and I how to use it. For the future.

And this is another one of those moments when I’m so glad Catie is around. Me? I don’t remember a thing. I’m good with artsy stuff, like writing and painting. Catie is far more grounded. Paul showed me how to operate it when it first arrived, (I think Catie was at work,) and it was like he was speaking another language. (Insert eyes glazing over.) So when it came time to go over it again, I took my phone and video taped it.

Catie, on the other hand, is asking reasonable questions and making comments, like she understands the words coming out of his mouth. (Whut?!) I shouldn’t be surprised, she’s brilliant like that. But inside, I’m going, Damn, gurl! And then she starts making plans, in case we have to actually use it. “We’ll take it out that door, then use the slider in the dining room. But we’ll have to think of something else during winter…” I should mention that at this point, I am paying attention, with a blend of pride and shock.

hehehe… That’s my gurlfriend!

And this is when I reiterate how lucky I am that I have both of these people in my life. Also, it’s not about the sex–obviously.

So if you ever decide to add a third (or more) to your circle, think about what kind of relationship you want. If it’s all about the sex…


But if it’s not, think about what kind of support you’ll give and take. Because when a storm hits (and I’m not just talking about nature; I’m talking about the big things that happen: life/death/loss/etc,) will you have the support you need?

Regardless of where you are, please be safe!! 



(PS: If you’re curious, check out my etsy shop:

Hi there, Catie here. So Lena posted this blog and I read it at the brunch table with Paul. I was reading through thinking “Aww, she amazes me too with all her artsy stuff.” And then I got to the Etsy store mention….

I look at Lena, Paul looks a Lena. Lena looks back and fourth at us “WHAT?!?!?” 

Me: When did you open an Etsy store??

Paul: I had no idea either. At least she didn’t tell both of us?

Lena: I only opened it a couple days ago, it’s no big deal, no one is going to order anything.

Me: I’m so glad you actually put it on the blog, unlike your books. 

Lena: yeah…

Me: Everyone, buy her books:

Oy! Okay, something you should know about these books, if you decide to read them…  I hate condoms. Only because they dry me up. (PLEASE USE THEM IF THAT’S YOUR WAY OF STAYING SAFE!) But in contemporary romance, you need to use them. At first, I didn’t want to. And I tried to rebel. And failed… So, I added them in. Kinda awkwardly. But there it is…

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