Cats Do Not Like New Cats, Who Knew?

Hi there, Catie here! 48 hours in and there is a whole lotta this going on around here:

Mostly by Horace.  Who will not leave the basement.

Horace has surprised me by becoming a complete fraidy-cat. As an indoor/outdoor cat for most of his life Horace has had quite the reputation for being a tough kitty. Fighter of neighborhood cats and killer of birds, mice, baby rabbits and generally anything else that moves outside. I really expected him to burst into the house like a WWE wrestler and beat the heck out of the other cats.

Like this only with cats

Except the complete opposite has been the case and I feel terrible about it :(. I think taking him out of his environment and bringing him into a home with three other cats and two dogs (plus 4 strange humans) is just too overwhelming for the little guy. He refuses to leave the basement and growls and hisses every time he sees Prix, Felix or Biggles and has been spending most of his time sleeping.

On the other side, Biggles, Felix and Prix are sorta being bitches…

Biggles ignores poor Horace when he hisses and growls at him then helps himself to his food, water and treats.  – While Horace just sits there being all non-violent and slightly shocked.

Felix behaves like a creepy stalker, sitting too close and ignoring yet more hisses and growls. Felix has also been known to steal a few bites of food and poop in Horace’s litter box. He has also stared at Horace while he tries to poop too. Creepy.

Which brings us to Prix, sweet little Prix. Prix is the most aggressive of the cats so far. He has shown off his (surprisingly loud) yowl and refused to back down at all😐

have to say I was hoping for a smoother transition. But until Horace decided to stop being a scaredy-cat there will be a bunch of this going on:

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