Such a Flake

September has been incredibly busy for me, and so far, it hasn’t stopped. Which is good and bad.

Here’s the thing… I like to bounce. I’m in the middle of a novel, I volunteer as the treasurer for my writer’s group, I paint and opened an Etsy shop for my doodles, I have a full time job, and I have my real estate license. I get bored and become obsessed with things for a time. Last week, it was greeting cards. This week, it’s real estate.

Well, it wasn’t just this week. I’ve been helping a buyer for the past month or so; we’ve gone out on a few showings and he went to a few open houses on his own. Today, we placed an offer that was accepted, so we’re all very happy about that. For the next few weeks, that’s going to take most of my attention; first with inspections, then renegotiations, followed by legal crap for the actual closing. What I love most is the showings. What I like least is everything after the offer is accepted. Until I get my check, that is.  😉

The point of all this is that I haven’t really been present lately. I may be sitting right next to my family, but my mind is elsewhere. Paul calls from work, and I sit there, absently. The kids try to chat, and I zone out. I’m so distracted.

And this rainy weather isn’t helping. I love cool, misty days. It’s the epitome of perfection for me. I’ll walk by a window and stop to watch. I’ll see branches dancing and swaying with the breeze; then watch as a leaf lets go and floats slowly to land in a puddle. Or I’ll stop to appreciate a drop of rain that landed on the glass; watch as it rolls down, collecting others as it goes, growing with each one. I get all artsy.

This is when I stop and appreciate how grounded the other two are. Because without them, I’d never have food. Or clean clothes.

Oh, I’m exaggerating again. If I were on my own, I’d just put an alarm on my phone. With several snooze settings. These things would get done–eventually.

But not like Paul does it. For the record, he would make an excellent house-husband. I would love it! He’s so good, he was acknowledged at work for being a go-getter. Not only did he get some nice words in writing, they gave him a $200 gift card, too. Catie and I are so proud of him.

And while on the subject of being proud, Ri got another job. It’s closer to home for him and it’s his preferred schedule. He’s happy about it and so are we. I should mention that his current boss is sad to see him go. For me, that’s one of the highest compliments you can get.

Be well, folks.





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