Sunday Funnies w/ A Side of Wicked

Yesterday, the three of us went to see a good friend of mine, my writing mentor, for a book signing. But before leaving, Paul grabbed the mail, and one of the items was a small package. I should mention that this house gets packages all the time, (not kidding, it’s – all the time!) so we didn’t think anything of it. As Catie drove off, Paul opened it. He looked in, said, “Oh…!” And then put it away without saying anything more.

Nothing to see here…

Side note: Paul is a chatter box. He will talk your ear off about nothing and everything. For him to not comment on the contents of the package was curious. Typically, this means he bought a new toy. He collects GI Joe’s and Transformers “action figures”  (toys! they’re toys!) and when this happens, Catie and I joke about playing with them. If this happens, the probability that they’ll end up broken is astronomically high. So he promptly takes them out of our reach while passionately reminding us that “They’re collectibles, not toys!”

So when he put the package away, Catie snickers and said, “New toy?”

A little too quickly, he denied it, “No.” But after a second, he corrected himself.


Catie asked him what it was and he started talking. “They’re fun toys.” Since I was in the back seat, I couldn’t see their expressions, but I could hear the wicked glee in his voice. And her voice was filled with expectant delight when she asked, “Yeah?! Is there a double-sided purple dildo?!”

Unfortunately, there was no double-sided purple dildo, but there was a purple pocket-rocket with various attachments. Whoop whoop!! At this point, I was surprised Catie didn’t turn the car around to go try them out. But we were committed and I needed to go support my friend and mentor.

Go Jeannette! You’re amazing!

We made it to the book signing and after that, we had a bunch of errands to run. Several hours later, we got home and put everything away. By this time, I had forgotten all about the toys. But one of us hadn’t.


I was in the living room playing with my phone when all of a sudden, I heard Catie shriek in surprise from the kitchen. It quickly changed to a moan/groan blend. I look up from my phone just in time to see Paul step away from her with the purple, pocket-rocket in his hand, a grin on his face.

Sexy cooking!

Oh, it didn’t get that far. Catie likes things clean in the kitchen. But hey, it’s always nice when things start getting warm in the kitchen. 😉

In case you’re curious, that pocket-rocket is seriously powerful, especially for such a little thing.

Keep it fun, folks!



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