No Longer Mint-in-Box

Bina, Catie, and Ri are sitting on the living room floor, trying to make Horace a little more comfortable in his foreign environment, and they’re being silly. This isn’t a surprise. If Bina and Ri are in the same room, silliness is inevitable. Add a happy Catie (because her son is here) and the goofiness grows.

But then–tragedy.

“Oh no,” Catie said while holding her cheek, her voice cracking with a blend of laughter and pain, “laughing hurts.” This is a result of a cracked tooth, a first for Catie. (In case you were wondering, yawning also hurts when you have one of those.)

Like so many others, Catie is not a fan of the dentist, and hadn’t visited one in over a decade.

No, no, no! 

Because of her fear, she takes impeccable care of her teeth. Still, it happened. And worse, it had to come out.

Hi there, Catie here – for the record the tooth that broke was a wisdom tooth, my adult teeth are all just fine – no new cavities even after more than a decade of dentist avoidance. Technically I should’ve had my wisdom teeth out when I was like 20-ish, but that wasn’t going to happen, they were perfectly healthy teeth. Why remove a working part?? It only hurt a little 😉

Slowly, she’s losing her bits and pieces.

A couple of years ago, Catie had her gallbladder taken out. That too had been a process. She ignored her pain for years, and even though her doctor told her it had to come out, she stalled and stalled.

Catie here, between attacks, my gallbladder and I got along just fine. It did it’s thing, I did mine. It was a working part damnit!

When she could bare the pain no longer, she finally broke down and had the surgery. During her post-op follow up the surgeon mentioned that her gallbladder had been infected and was close to exploding, which could have killed her. As it was, it had been seeping an infection into her abdomen – also not good. But hey, they got it out before it ruptured. That’s good, right?

Did we learn anything?

I had every chance to make a run for it after Paul dropped me at the surgical center. But did I run off? Nope, I walked right in and let them chop 3 little holes in my belly and remove a part. 

Like a true adult! And at least this time around, she took care of it right away.

The running joke since that surgery is that she’s not longer… Mint in Box! She’s losing value by the second, and the more pieces she loses, the worse it gets!

And the worst part is they don’t even let you keep the pieces. 

But she got a picture!

Until next time…



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