Oh, Those Are Fighting Words!

Would you like to get into a passionate discussion in this house? Here are some of the things you should mention:

  • Biggles/Felix/Horace/Prix (pick one) is the best cat in the house.
    • This will open up a whole conversation on who’s the best. We all have our favorites, but Prix is, of course, the cutest, most adorable cat in the world, never mind the house. There’s no competition.

Hi there, Catie here – Horace is the cutest cat in the house and (for now) he’s the most frightened and therefore the most adorable….

  • Mustard/Tomatoes.
    • Mustard is one of the worst flavors ever.
    • Tomatoes, on the other hand, are delicious and make some of the best foods: pasta sauce, marinara sauce, pizza sauce. They’re even perfect raw. Just add them to a salad. Or have them with some mozzarella cheese. Perfection.

I just like all food….


  • Trump.
    • This one word will ensure hours of fun filled, heart pounding, loud debating on the most recent atrocities he’s committed. Even if we’re all on the same side, it’s still worthy of passionate dialogue.

This is true, what makes it weird is that we’re all on the same Trump-hating side but react most passionately to different issues. But usually we just look at each other like this: 



  • Politics.
    • Yes, this is a separate category from The Cheeto Head. (For the record, I think we should stop using this description for him. Cheetos are delicious! This is such an insult to Cheetos everywhere.) Be they local politics or foreign, there’s always something to delve into.

At least we all agree, Republicans (with a few exceptions, McCain looking at you) are horrible people.

  • Bad Drivers.
    • Goodness gracious, this is one of those things that Paul will not stop talking about. You say five words, for example: “The jerk cut me off.” And this will open up hours of examples on how Paul would like to beat people over with a lug wrench. I am not exaggerating on the hours bit. He will.

This is no exaggeration, hours. And the stories go back years. Just nod and say people suck. Eventually he’ll move on or your head will explode, either way it stops. 


  • Television.
    • This house has a love/hate relationship with TV.
      • Catie is the one that mostly hates the big screen but she loves it when used wisely. For example, there are a lot of educational things on there. If you’re going to spend hours in front of a screen, be it a phone, a tablet, or even a television, then use it wisely. Oh yeah, she enjoys watching some mindless shows, too, but for the most part it’s something interesting and informative.

Sadly, as much as I love informational TV I find myself watching more and more fluff. It’s a problem, I have no idea how to fix it. I figure as long as I balance it off with something educational it’s fine to watch fluff.


  • The rest of us enjoy mind numbing nonsense. Bina and I bond over silly romantic comedies, as well as forensic type shows. (It begins with death and ends in dissection. Perfect.) Bina also enjoys zombies with Paul. T enjoys youtube. But if you want a true discussion, bring up the house favorite: DC vs. Marvel. (And then watch Catie walk away.)

Ugh, comics, graphic novels, Comic-Cons, etc. No thank you, moving on….Really I don’t have anything to say.


Keep it heavy.  😉


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