I am freaking out!

If you guys have been following all of our posts, you know that I am one of those people that do a lot of different things. This weekend, I am doing a book signing. And I’m freaking out. 

There’s a nearby town in Rhode Island that is doing an autumn fest thing, and they’re going to have a bunch of vendor booths, and arts and crafts booths, and that includes various authors. 

My mentor decided that it’s been long enough and I should participate in those reader/author events. And so, I will be there on Sunday.

Yesterday, I got my banner—which looks amazing! Today, I’m picking up my bookmarks. Gotta give something away besides candy. My mentor and I are also doing a raffle basket giveaway which is going to be amazing.

My worry is that I will get one reader. Two, if I’m lucky.

It’s my own fault for not putting myself out there as an author should. I’m too shy about my work and so I don’t advertise to the world. And people who are close to me (family and friends) are not allowed to read them. Because—no. (There’s an awful lot of sex in there!)

Defeats the whole purpose of making money with books—I know. You don’t have to tell me. 

So yes, I am absolutely freaking out about this weekend. 

And she’s already talked me into going to another author/reader event in Kentucky in April of next year. I’ve already submitted my application. 

All I have to do is be my charming, humorous self.  And hope that people enjoy my personality enough to say, “Hey, I like her, so I’m gonna go read one or two of her books.” 

Wish me luck.

I’m gonna need it…



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