Sunday Funnies: The Definition of…

Funny story…

Do you guys remember myspace? Does anyone still use it? Well, once upon a time, many years ago, I did one of those Get to Know You quizzes and I passed it on. I had done a thousand of those and didn’t think anything about it.

The quiz was Only One Word. For example: “favorite color,” or “word to describe your work,” or “childhood memories.” I don’t even remember the questions, it was quite a while ago, but one of them stands out. It was something along the lines of, What don’t people know about you? My answer:  Voyeur.

Oh, how I love to watch!

Here’s the thing, that quiz was sent to my boss at the time. Oops.

I joke all the time that English is my second language, and it really is my second language. I was nine when I came to this country, and though I believe I’ve gathered a fair understanding of the language, at the time, I didn’t know the word. I thought I knew. But I didn’t.

My bad…

I thought it meant “people watcher.” I didn’t realize the term was associated with sex and sexual gratification. Again, my bad. And though it’s an accurate description of me, it’s slightly inappropriate to send to your boss. Sigh.

She never replied to the quiz. I don’t know if she saw it and was completely mortified or if she didn’t see it at all. Everything was normal back at the office. Since then, we have both moved on to different positions at the company. I see her, once in a while, walking around. We do the quick pleasantries, “Hi, how are you? Good. Okay, bye.” She’s a lovely person, but I’d like to keep things as they are.

Imagining my current boss’ face reading that is quite humorous to me. He’s one of those very proper persons at work, with skin that flushes red whenever he’s excited about something, be it good or bad. His face would probably flame. Having said that, he’s not a complete prude. Today, he told me a story about how his daughter appeared to have Asian eyes when she was born. He turned to his wife and asked if there was something he should know.

He was only joking. He does that.

At that, I shared my story about how I tell Paul that Bina is the poolboy’s baby. He always reminds me that we didn’t have a pool when she was conceived. And then I say, “Your point?” For the record, you don’t need to have a pool to have a poolboy. 😉

I’m only joking, too. 😀

Now, go have some fun and watch some porn. Though, live is usually better. 😉





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