Hi there, Catie here.

Ever have “one of those days”? A day where nothing truly tragic has happened but at the same time nothing has really gone right either?

This was me today.

The quick rundown:

I woke up exhausted, it was a bad night sleep between one thing and another (or should I call them Thing 1 and Thing 2?)

Lena here. I better be Thing 1, cause I’d hate to be Thing 2!

An early knock on the bedroom door from T didn’t help. Coming just a half hour before my alarm was set to go off and forcing one of the Things out of bed. Why fall completely back to sleep at that point? It’s Monday so a lie-in wouldn’t be an option anyway. I wait for my alarm to go off before forcing myself out of bed. Morning was the usual chaos of finding clothes, barking dogs and tripping over cats but managed to make it out of the house in one piece and with plenty of time to get to work (and stop for coffee, yay!)giphy20








And the rest of us live! I really like living.

Work was completely uneventful (I’ll take it!) but felt like a giant slog. Three quarters into the day I was researching trips to Ireland. There are some really great deals on flights and quite a few Airbnbs are entirely reasonable….but I digress.

Head home, decide on the drive home to use make the most of the couple daylight hours we have left today (I really dislike how short the days are getting) to grill a nice steak dinner for my family when I get home. The leftovers will be great for lunch tomorrow too! I also decide that no one in this general vicinity knows how to drive even a little bit. I work 20 minutes from home and saw 5 near misses, at least one would have included a fatality. So bad drivers but good reflexes?

Less rural, but this idea.

I hear a little adrenaline is good for you. 😉

Make it home safe and sound, open the door, and hey look the dogs! Hi dogs! Good Dogs! Dogs that really, really need a walk. I look outside and decide that if need be I could probably finish dinner in the dark. I’ve been sitting all day anyway. So I leash up the pups, grab some poop bags and head out. It’s a nice little walk, the dogs are only mildly unruly (big dog likes to stop and smell every 3 feet, small dog tries to tangle my legs up and wander into traffic) but things are going well. Until we get to the bend in the road. Some background: our little dog Princess DOES NOT LIKE “STRANGER” DOGS.

Do not let this face fool you. She is a monster.

The epitome of the Napoleon Complex. A little brat!

So we get to the bend in the road and there they are, that’s right OTHER DOGS ON WALKS!! IN HER NEIGHBORHOOD! ON HER WALKING PATH!!! OMFG WHAT IS HAPPENING?? ATTACK!!!!!! Our 24lb Dachshund mix tried to pull my arm out of it’s socket and attack a Beagle and a Black Lab. Bailey just stood there like “What’s going on??” For their part the Beagle and Black Lab just looked at her and kept walking with their owners while I apologized. But after much tugging and a tiny bit of cursing we made it home safe.

So now I can make dinner, right? Nope, suddenly there are four kitty faces staring at me. Cats enjoy dinner. So, I feed the cats and then attempt to keep the dogs away from the cats food (this is a harder task than you might think, they are terrible dogs.)

They aren’t terrible. Just sad. And deprived! Poor, poor dogs who get nothing, no attention, no love, and never any food. Also, please don’t listen to the vet who says they both need to lose some weight. 

Cats fed, I decide its time to make our dinner. There should be just enough daylight to make it! Pull the steaks out of the fridge, grab the matches and head out to the grill. Open the grill and…. there seems to be an animal nest (Chipmunk? Mouse? Vole?) in the bed of the grill. WTF?? It hasn’t been that long since I used it, has it?? Apparently it has. Sigh. So back into the house with me and the steaks. Luckily I know how to use the stove. It took a bit longer than I had planned but hey, eventually we did have dinner and that’s the important part, right?


Here’s hoping for a better Tuesday!

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