Oy, It’s Been a While

Sorry folks, lots of happenings going on in our corner of the world. And though Catie and I have chatted about our next post often enough, things went slightly awry and it didn’t happen. Until now!

First, we–wait. Let’s go in reverse.

The most recent thing that happened was a family visit due to the storm in our area. It left quite a lot of homes without power, which included Catie’s parents. Luckily, we were good, so we hosted an impromptu game night. Which game, you may ask? Cards Against Humanity.

This resulted in an awful lot of laughs for the sickos of the group. But, as open minded as Catie’s mom is, I think she was slightly horrified at our combinations.


Her father, however, has a delightfully twisted mind and got plenty of laughs at the horrible cards that landed on the table.

Hey there, Catie here – It’s always the quiet ones, isn’t it? I haven’t seen my dad crack up like he did last night in ages. He actually wanted to keep playing a game after someone else won! 

Also exciting was Halloween, of course. It’s my favorite time of year. Ri and Bina’s, too. The only time you can run around dressed like a serial killer and people won’t try to throw you into a mental institution.

Add good movies with some hot chocolate and you have a perfect night.

Doubly amazing is that we got double digit kids for trick or treats. We got 12! We usually get two–on “busy” years. I don’t know what happened yesterday, but it was great!

Bonus! We were the house that gave out FULL SIZE BARS!! Oh Yeah!

Let’s see what else happened since we’ve posted…

Five of us went away to Maine for the weekend. It was supposed to be all six of us, but unfortunately, Ri had to work. (Insert super sad Catie here.) Add a hacking and sniffling Lena, and it was less than perfect. But overall, it was still very good.

We had Bob Ross (on TV) in the morning to help set a relaxing mood, followed by walks on the beach, delicious foods, and a game/movie night.

​It was a great -if short- trip. I love that part of Maine

T was not impressed with Cards Against Humanity, to say it mildly. There were a few giggles in the beginning, but soon enough she was horrified at what we found funny. She went to bed early. That left the rest of us to be as sick as we wanted. Muahaha!

We left early Sunday to celebrate Ri’s 21st birthday. He’s almost catching up to me. (I’m 29. Again. Still. Always. 😉 ) We had lunch and he had his first (legal) alcoholic beverage. It’s crazy to know he’s so “old.” When I met him, he wasn’t even a teenager yet. He was also not the tall giant he is now. I wish him a long and happy life.

My BABY!! *sniff* That’s all I can say on the topic of Orion getting older without getting depressed.  



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