Wednesday – Changes In The Air

Hi there, Catie here! Big news! Well, for us anyway…

This post could have just as easily been called “We Will Never Take A Family Vacation Again” because…..

Drum roll, please!

Bina Got A Job!!!!  Hip Hip Hooray!! We have been gently pushing her to get a job since she graduated high school. This is a great big step towards adulthood and we’re sure she’ll do great. In the middle of our celebrating it hit me that this throws yet another wrench into our vacation planning fun.

Listen, we’re calling it fun, ok?

But wait there’s more!!

When we least expected it….Paul got a job offer!!!


Some backround here, Paul is what employers call a Highly Skilled Worker. Lena has mentioned before that he’s the kind of person that can read manuals and actually understand what they mean but it goes way beyond that. He is a master fixer of just about any broken thing, an understander of PLCs (understander is a word now, deal with it), a project planner, trainer, level head in a sea of general plant chaos. He’s the guy that can get and keep your plant up and running smoothly. Plus: He can weld.  Essentially, in the upcoming zombie apocalypse he’s the guy you want to hang out with if you want to live.

He’s way better than this guy. See this guy? Stay away from him, nothing but trouble.

Because of his awesome skills he is asked to interview for jobs on a regular basis (even if he’s not really looking for a new job) thanks to sites like Mon.ster and Link.edin. So to see that Paul has an interview on the shared family calendar really isn’t a big deal. He has a good job now so he hasn’t really been looking but to keep his interviewing skills sharp he goes on just about every interview he’s offered (because why wouldn’t he keep another skill sharp?) Nine times out of ten he comes back after an interview saying “Meh.”

He looks like a male version of this. Also, who else is super excited about X-Files coming back in 2018? I know, I know, it could be terrible. I’m still excited.

Sometimes the money isn’t right, sometimes the hours and location aren’t. Sometimes he’s just not interested in the company. Somehow this company managed to land right in his Goldielocks Zone! First shift hours (more Paul time for us!) Slightly more money than he’s making now and fairly close to home, no long distance travel needed and work he can see himself doing.  He got the offer letter from them today and after he reviews the benefits package he’ll make an official decision. As of right now though, it looks like our Paul will be starting a new job in early December!

Tons O’Changes! Except for me, I’m still chugging away at the bank. I did have my resume professionally redone a few weeks ago but haven’t applied anywhere using it yet. I should do that. If only job searches weren’t so much….work. Don’t people know how lazy I am during my off hours? Jeesh.


Sadly, I am not one of those fancy Highly Skilled Workers. If I want a change career paths I’m going to have to get off my lazy bum and start working for it!

For now though, I’m going to sit back and be happy for Bina and Paul as they start their new gigs. I’ll start officially freaking out about vacation plans in January.

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