Sometimes It Really Is All About The Sex

Hi there, Catie here!

So I was recently asked how I ended up in this poly relationship. I wish I could have answered with some flowery notions about love not being finite and people not belonging in boxes with labels. But I feel like we’ve covered that here. And then I was going to tell the story of how I met and fell in love with Lena and Paul. But I KNOW that we’ve covered that here.

Then I really thought about the question. I’ve decided to go with the honest answer. Brace yourselves.

It was the sex. 

An adult human female actively looking for kinky sex with multiple partners? Whaaaaa?? 

I know, I know, it’s shocking and contrary to almost everything society tells you. I’d like to say I was surprised too but, well, that would be silly.

Here’s the deal, I love sex. I love having it, watching it, hearing about it (dish, do!) the kinkier the better.

Bitch please, I was kinky way before 50 Shades. Ex and I had handcuffs and a paddle before we were out of High School.

Why? Because it feels good (if it doesn’t, something is wrong. Seek help, the internet is vast.)  It’s FUN, relaxing and amazing stress relief. So when given the opportunity for some easy fun with two people (one of them a fellow lover of kinky things), how could I say no? Genuine affection and eventually love grew from there but it wasn’t the initial intent of the relationship.

Many women complain that their partners want sex too much. I complain that mine don’t want it often enough. I mean I have two of them (and they are both GREAT in the sack) I should be getting laid at least every other night, right? RIGHT?? NOPE! Pesky schedules and need for sleep.  Insert the love portion of the program.

Lena here…  Don’t forget the toys!!  Paul’s newest purchase is this gigantic double sided pink beauty.  Oy!

OY is right! That thing is huge, fun and not for beginners…


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