Happy HoliDaze?!?!

Hi there, Catie here!

Has anyone else noticed that it’s Thanksgiving week here in the US? Because someone should have sent me a memo or something this year.

I remembered that we agreed to host Paul’s family this year at some point during the summer but that was so long ago that it was really just a theory, not an actual thing that was about to happen. Then last week as we were headed out to grocery shop Paul said “Hey what should we serve on Thanksgiving?” It seemed like an odd question until I realized that it wasn’t just an abstract “lets chat it over” question. THANKSGIVING WAS THE FOLLOWING WEEK!!! Queue mild panic.


I checked with my family and they were all headed other places for the day. Great! So just Paul’s family. We talked it over and decided to go with a small-ish turkey breast (because no one seems to ever eat the dark meat and I hate throwing away half a bird) and a ham (because who doesn’t like ham with pineapples and cherries?) We picked up both while we were shopping and then I proceeded to forget all about the upcoming holiday. Tra la la la la la lahhhhhhh!! Don’t need to think about that anymore, right?


Until yesterday, when Paul lovingly asked me what kind of sides we would be making for Thanksgiving so we could pick everything up while we were out.



Okay, okay, no panicking, I’ve made a ton of Thanksgiving dinners before. This is not a big deal. Right?? Sides, you are correct we will need those. Oh and appetizers and drinks and little picky foods. How are we set for wine? I am going to need so much beer,  I mean fun! This is going to be so much fun! Dessert! We’ll need desserts too! Pie? How do we feel about pies? After some brainstorming we had a good idea of the direction we were going in and our kitchen whiteboard looked like this:

As you can see Paul and I have equally bad handwriting. Also, one of our kids really like Pokemon.

Then we braved the stores. It wasn’t bad. The stores were crowded but there was plenty of everything for everyone out shopping and for that, I am very thankful.  I’m well aware that its not the same everywhere. And that the fear rising in my belly at this point was really, first-ist of first world problems. And while that does help me get it together in my head a bit, it doesn’t change the fact that I am out to make a great, impressive Thanksgiving dinner.

I want people too look at the food we’re serving like this Minion looks at his banana.

I think that we’ve touched on the fact that I simultaneously love and hate being a hostess. I love the cooking but hate the planning. Plus “people” over always puts me on edge, no idea why. In my world there is no “oh, it’s just family, no worries” if we hosting we’re out to impress. Mostly with the food but it’s extra nice if the house is in order, the pets behave, the kids look good and I actually have clothes and not just yoga pants and a t-shirt on. Lofty goals people. Other than feed them, I have no idea what to do with guests once they arrive. I leave that to Lena and Paul.

As for me, I am armed with our trusty stove and my two new kitchen lovers:

Instant Pot (complete with Darth Vader decal)

Hello, easy deliciousness *wink* *wink*

And Instant Pot GEM MultiCooker (decal pending)

Not a slow cooker, it does so much more and I love it!

I’m armed, ready, fully stocked and ready to rumble. Bring it on Holiday Season!

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