Happy Christmahanakwanzikayule!

Goodness, I hope I caught all the December holidays in that title!


It’s December. Tis the season to bicker over how to wish someone happiness and joy. Which to me is complete nonsense.

***WARNING*** The below is how I view religion, which some may find offensive.

Here’s the thing. If I go to someone’s home, and they invite me to dinner, something that is traditionally associated with their ethnicity/heritage, am I going to complain that they didn’t give me something that is associated with mine? Of course not. These people are sweet enough to share their meal with me; I’m going to thank them.

If someone wishes me a happy anything, I’m going to smile and say, “Thank you, you too!” This individual was kind enough to want to share their joy with me. Whether I believe in their “God” or not, I’m still going appreciate the kindness.


Don’t be an asshole. Don’t force your beliefs down anyone’s throat.


If you’ve read this far, I think you realize how passionately I feel about this. Which maybe is nonsense, too. Shrug. This subject is just another one of those reasons why I dislike religions as a whole. I understand the concept of religion. (I think.) It’s a way of giving people a moral code, of bringing people together and helping one another to serve God, and hopefully attain rewards in the afterlife.

The reality is that they divide. “Our way is the only right way.” Which drives me bonkers. Please, please, please: Be open to diversity. Help one another; those you know and those you don’t. Be kind to those who are unkind to you; they’re probably in pain and need it the most.

Yes, I also believe in unicorns and fairy godmothers. 😉


Do what you will, so long as you harm none.



PS: only if you give a damn… it’s fine if you don’t. 😉

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