In case you were wondering, NYE wasn’t bad, not at all. There was a lot of alcohol flowing, but they were happy drunks. And I do find happy drunks entertaining. One of those, “Sit back and enjoy” moments.  hahaha


I had been worried about finding something that we could all chat about, but luckily, there was a lot of food, a toddler, a game system, and–wait for it–four dogs. Little shih tzu pups. Some of us (Catie) found the toddler to be adorable. And she was, for sure. But I, on the other hand, spent my time chasing–I mean petting–the pups. So cute!

We did leave early. After all, my batteries were running out (I was falling asleep), and Catie wanted to start the new year with a bang. 😉 It was just past eleven when we wished the others a good night.

We got home safely, opened a bottle of apple “champagne” that the five of us could enjoy, shared a group hug and some kisses, and went to bed. There, we enjoyed some spankings, some hair pulling, some biting, some licking, and then “le petit mort.” What a way to start the new year!  😉

Soooo sexy…. hahaha

Now, we are chilling in bed, listening to the TV, eating, playing on our phones, or a laptop in my case, and occasionally insulting each other for humor. We are warm and comfortable.

Moments like these, I have to stop and appreciate how happy we are. Our life is not  perfect, and it’s certainly not for everyone, but there are perfect moments sometimes. For me, this is one of them.

My wish for everyone out there: Do what makes you happy.




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