Adventures in Mattress Shopping

Once upon a time, there was a trio who wanted to buy a new mattress.

The first, Catie, really liked a soft mattress. The kind that you lay on and you feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud.


Hi there, Catie here. Not quite cloud soft, I do like some support think pillow top. 

The second, Lena, really likes a hard mattress. The kind that doesn’t sink when you’re on it; the kind that supports and keeps your back nice and straight.

Yup, I’ve slept on the floor.

The third, Paul, likes something a little in-between. Not so hard that you feel like you’re sleeping on a rock, but not so soft that you feel like you’re a turtle on your back and you need to rock just to get up, because otherwise, you’re trapped in folds of softness.

I can’t get up!

Now, imagine if you will, that the trio needed one bed that satisfied all three? Yeah… It was fun. It was especially fun going into the store and bouncing from one bed to the other, wondering how we were going to get something that would satisfy us all.

While there, the sales guy became a little confused when the three of us would take turns on the various beds. He politely asked who would be sleeping on it, and we were forthright, “The three of us.” To his credit, he barely paused. Taking it in stride, he worked with us to accommodate all our preferences, or getting it as close as he could. After all, it’s hard enough finding a bed for two people, never mind three, with various tastes.

I have to say, the salesman had a great sense of humor. A true salesman, he kept whatever feelings he had to himself and focused on making the sale. I appreciate that.

Moments like these, I appreciate where we live. We are surrounded by open minded people who (mostly) don’t care about what you do. Though clearly surprised, he shrugged it off and went about his business. As a result, he ended up with two sales: a king for us, and a twin for Bina.

And don’t forget the up-sell – mattress #1 didn’t work out because I’m super whiny and don’t adapt well. Also, I learned an important lesson:  I do not like memory foam anything. It starts out hard but then you sink into it and it traps you! You’re trapped. Trapped like a moth in a bath without a ladder.

Juicy tidbit that some of you sicko’s might enjoy: we wanted a bed that was a lot quieter. One of my requirements was that I could sleep while the other two were having relations. 😉 Which is silly. If the bed shaking doesn’t wake me, the moaning will. But then I’ll go to sleep with a smile on my face, so it’s all good.

*Mental note: Try to be quieter during sex at least during the wee hours of the morning. 

We eventually settled on one. Though the bed may not score a 10 for any of us, it’s a strong 8. And most importantly, we’ll all be able to sleep.


Okay, we’re only three, but you get the idea.

Sweet dreams, guys!!




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