The Hunt

Dare I disagree with Mr. Gump’s Mama? Dare I say that life isn’t “like a box of chocolates,” but is, instead, a roller-coaster ride? Because that’s how I feel right now. No sooner is something resolved than something else breaks.


There have been some recent developments that we haven’t shared with you guys. Not because we didn’t want to put it out there, but because things weren’t quite settled.

Bina has experienced her first car accident. Physically, she’s fine, but emotionally, she’s been kinda a wreck. It’s been quite unpleasant. This car was a gift from her grandmother who is no longer with us. Bina is an emotional girl who doesn’t like change. Take away something that she’s emotionally attached to, and she’s miserable. And now she can’t sleep. Which makes her even more miserable. I can’t stress enough how sad she is that Carter (that’s what she named her car) is no longer a part of her life.


Bina is strong. She’s outspoken, snarky, and stubborn. She’ll give you a piece of her mind, whether you want it or not, and she’ll stand by her beliefs and fight. We are very alike, my little pea and I, but we bicker. And she’ll also push back with Catie and Paul. Did I mention argumentative? I know, I know, how dare she act like a normal 18 year old. Sigh. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very proud of her. My daughter isn’t a rug to be walked on. She’s not a sheep that follows blindly to slaughter. She’s smart and she thinks for herself.

But she is 18. Which means she’s on that border of acting as an adult while still behaving like a kid. It sounds nuts, but parents of teenagers know what I’m talking about. This car accident has shown her that adulthood sucks. Or maybe reinforced is a better word. She’s always saying she doesn’t want to adult.

Yup; this is her alright.

This is her first winter season. And her first experience on the road with snow ended with her car making out with a pole. Hey, I’m all for sharing the love, as you all know, but cars and poles should not try to get together. It’s just wrong.

The car I’m referring to is a small FWD, four-door sedan. It slid on ice as Bina was taking a curve, and slid right into a pole. As a result of the car trying to kiss said pole, the car bounced back and ended up in the middle of the street, blocking incoming traffic. And the car is now totaled.

Enter police, insurance, and car dealerships.

Because of weather conditions, both the police and insurance folks mentioned that she should challenge what’s to come. First, she’ll be hit with a violation for crossing the double yellow line. Second, since she was the only one involved in that accident, she’ll be accused of being responsible, which means her insurance rate will go up.

Fun times.

Car shopping. Lawdie!

Here’s the thing: We all have an opinion.

Since this is my post, I’ll list mine first. I have expensive taste. Anyone who knows me knows this. I like the good stuff. But I’m also borderline cheap, so I stay within my means. Most of the time. Some of the time? Okay, I’ll admit it. Only some of the time. But to me, quality is more important than cost. I will spend good money on buying a product that will last. Buying cheap just leads to buying again and again, which is a waste of time–and money. My thought was to take the insurance money and use it as a deposit to get a better car and take a tiny loan. I view this as an investment for Bina. But she’s a full time college student with a part time job. So, my idea was vetoed out.

Bina doesn’t want a car loan, no matter how small–perfectly reasonable for a college student with only a part time job. She wanted another sedan, something small; the adults wanted her to have AWD. We live in New England. There will always be snow in winter. (After all, global warming isn’t real.) And though there are sedans with AWD, Bina didn’t like them and the math didn’t add up anyway. So the search continued.

Paul wanted a good car: newer, low mileage, nothing that will fall apart within the next week. And at a reasonable cost. But to get what he wanted, we needed to hunt. No, I mean really hunt. Like a mystical creature that you can only see at dusk, after a full moon, on a leap year. It exists, somewhere. We just needed to find it. And he didn’t mind putting the time in, but Bina and Catie weren’t as enthusiastic.

Catie wanted something inexpensive, something that would get Bina on the road for the time being, but still leave a little money in the bank for a deposit on a better car later on. The quality of the car wasn’t as important as the value. It’s fine as long as there’s nothing majorly wrong with it, it runs, and it’s under budget.

Do you see the problem?


This is when poly-life becomes more than just a good night, wink wink. This is a fairly big deal for us, and if we don’t handle it well, it can cause strife.

In order to keep the peace, I bowed out after my “small loan” idea. The other three could figure it out.

After many hunts and test drives, Bina’s stress was getting to her, and she was done. Yesterday, Catie took her out to look at another sedan, but saw a small SUV on the lot that might be perfect, and told the dealer that Bina was going to test drive that one first. Bina was a bit pissed, she didn’t want SUVs, not even small ones, but drove it anyway. And liked it. Catie put some money down on it and the hunt is finally over.


As of this morning, the car is fully paid for. Bina doesn’t have to worry about another test drive for a while, and everyone is done discussing (pushing her into) an AWD vehicle. And Catie got her wish of a little money being saved.

I am neutral. It’s a vehicle with AWD and Bina likes it.

Paul, on the other hand, is not as thrilled with the purchase. He’s taken a quick look and has a list of things that need to be done to it, and a running tally. They’re not big ticket items, so he’ll just take care of it, but in his mind, there is a better deal out there.

There might be, but the hunt was stressing everyone out, and I’m not sure it was worth everyone sanity.

Of course, I still think my idea was best. But whatever… 😉 Just kidding!

Stay sane, my friends.


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