Finally An Adults Weekend Away!

Hi there, Catie here!

We’ve had been talking about a parents-only getaway since before Christmas but as we’ve mentioned a million times, scheduling is a nightmare even just for the three of us. Just when we were ready to give up entirely Lena reminded us that her writers conference was scheduled for first weekend in February!!!

Y YAY!!!! Time Away!!

Admittedly, we didn’t go far, just to beautiful Newport, RI. But distance wasn’t the goal, what we wanted to do was have long periods of uninterrupted time together. Granted, with Lena at the conference time with all three of us together was going to be tricky. Unless she, you know, skipped some stuff. Not that she could, I mean she is a board member of the writers group. Despite Lena being away most of the days (and into the night) I think all three of us managed to have a great time.

While Lena at the conference during the day Paul and I ran a few fun errands like picking up lunch for the writers and buying a new Fit.bit to replace his broken one. We hit the pool and hot tub, enjoyed long hot showers and had fun kinky sex.

May or may not have involved something like this. Ouch!

Between seminars and dinner Lena would come to the room and we would have fun relaxing threesomes followed by lazy naps. It was a great weekend and over much too quickly.

Now I’m off to plan another weekend away 😊

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