Sexy Bedroom Activities—Or Not…?

Allow me to paint a picture for you…

The three of us are in the bedroom going through our toy collection. Catie is laying on her belly, while I’m sitting up on the bed, and Paul is pulling items from our fun storage box.

Along with Catie and I, there are candles, paddles, whips, masks,and other assorted items scattered on the bed.

Paul and Catie zero in the whips and begin to discuss which one hurts more. At which point, Paul decides to test them on me.

Hi there, Catie here! They weren’t whips, we don’t own any whips. Paul tested two small floggers on Lena. Now that I think of it we should probably get some kind of whip…

Now, in case I haven’t mentioned before, I am not a fan of pain with sex. (If that’s your cup of tea, then by all means, have fun! But I’ll pass.) And I cried out a little bit. Not to worry; he was just playing with them, it didn’t hurt; it was just a slight sting. But between my “ouch!” and the sharp sound of the smack, it caught our dogs attention.

And our poor sweet Princess, our puggle/dachshund mix, ran over Catie’s back to bark ferociously at Paul. Princess does not approve of BDSM.


“Oh!” Catie cried as the dog jumped on her back. After catching her breath, she asks, “Does anyone have a spare kidney?!”

Princess looks tiny but looks are deceiving. When 25 pounds of happy pup lands directly on your kidney you feel it. I was pretty sure she ruptured something, not the kind of pain I had been looking forward to…. 

I laugh.

Paul calls Princess over to tell her it’s okay. He pets her little head and says that everyone and everything is fine. Knowing what’s to come, he asks her if she wants a treat–his way of getting her out of the room. At hearing one of her favorite words, she jumps back to the other side of the bed to leave, bouncing off Catie’s back again.

The air whooshes out of her. “Oh my God, Princess! I am not a catapult!”

Paul and I are both laughing.

“She’s small but heavy and condensed!”

It’s true. She’s weighs a concentrated 25lbs.

Nothing like a fat sausage-like dog to put you in the mood, right?!

Normally no, but a big pile of sex toys and a determined Paul got things back on track quickly 😉

Stay sexy out there, people.


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