Spring Has Not Sprung

Hi there, Catie here!

Its been a while since we’ve written, so what have we been up to?

Mostly what feels like never-ending winter doldrums. As I sit here typing on March 7th there is a fuck-ton of snow falling outside. No fun, no fun at all, I say!

Lets see:

After a ton of searching and wanting and waiting Paul bought himself a pickup truck. I call her Ruby.

Paul needs one of every kind of car, I fully expect him to get a four door sedan next, just because we don’t have one in the fleet right now.

I’ve driven a bunch of cars in my life but this is my first pickup and I LOVE all 8 of her gas guzzling cylinders. Four wheel drive, crew cab, factory installed tow hitch, big bed. I never got the whole truck thing before but I think I do now, it’s a ton of fun to drive.

Yahoo! (don’t tell Paul)

Lena finished writing and editing book three in her Sampson series and is well underway with the planning phase of her next series. Yay, books I’ll never get to read!! Seriously though this is exciting, completing one book is hard never mind an entire trilogy. Eventually I’ll talk her into posting links to her books on Amazon, that day will probably not be today.

This is what she would say to me if I suggested it again.

As for me? I’ve spent the past few weeks watching too much TV (damn you Hulu, I forgot how good the first 4 seasons of ER were) and putting on weight.  Because that’s how I (very literally) roll. I swear I’ll start moving again when winter finally decides to end.




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