Home Happenings

Do you guys watch HGTV at all? Catie and I do. And I’m sure you know what happens when people watch this channel. They get ideas.



Well, Catie got ideas. Next thing we know, our kitchen is upside down and Paul and I are wondering what just happened.


If you didn’t already know, Catie is the spontaneous one. She was tired of our dingy and yucky kitchen, and decided change was needed. So, she started by going on a cleaning rampage.

Yup, that’s her.

Once that was done, it was time for painting. Pick a color online, quick trip to the store, primer up, color up, and–tada! Now, it’s far brighter, and somehow, it looks bigger.

Though Paul and I were surprised by Catie’s sudden enthusiasm, we couldn’t blame her. We’ve been talking about a complete kitchen gut for forever, but that takes money, and patience. We had to settle for a bit of cleaning and bright new paint. The reno will eventually take place, just not right now.

Oh, Jonathan, I do love your work. Can you come over to our place?

The funny thing about this is how quickly it went. It went from a “hey, maybe we should do this,” idea to “it’s getting done this weekend,” to “it’s done,” in the span of a few days. Catie just took control of this project and didn’t let go until it was complete. That’s usually Paul’s role.

People say that you pick up quirks and characteristics from the people you hang around most. This kinda worries me. Am I going to end up with two Pauls??




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