Any and all relationships have surprise moments. When you’re in a poly relationship, those moments happen a little more frequently. Our most recent “surprise!” moment was when Paul got home after work, and Catie & I told him that we were all going for a quick weekend getaway.

That’s right. Catie & I wanted to escape reality for a little bit, so we made an executive decision and booked a weekend at the Cape. Paul got home and we said, “Surprise, we’re going away!”

“Um... okay... where are we going...? And when?”

“Um… Okay… Where are we going? And when?”

It was a last minute decision, and unfortunately, Ri was unable to join us. Again. Though he’s happy with his job and hours, the rest of us are a little unhappy, especially Catie, you can imagine.

We arrived Friday night, and this place is literally surrounded by water, with water-views from all rooms (except the bathrooms). It’s beautiful. There’s an indoor pool and a hot-tub (which we used as soon as we got here). And the sunset was amazing. The best part about being here is the relaxed atmosphere. We are all just so chill…

The main talking feature in the unit is the large soaker jetted tub in the living room. And of course, the adults are all making comments about the design.

Paul, checking it out, “It’s a weird place for a tub, but if it’s just a couple by themselves, it’d be fun.”

Me, “But it’s a two bedroom unit. Unless they’re all adults, looking for a good time.” (Wink!)

Paul, “Ooh, orgie!”

Catie, “Oh, that sounds like fun. Should I go on tinder?” Catie looks down the hallway and laughs hysterically.

Me, unaware of the reason for Catie’s laughter, “Sure. As long as they all have papers.”

Bina, walking in from the hallway, looks both amused and horrified.

Bina, holding her head dramatically, “Mental images!! So nasty!!”

Catie, “You only think they’re nasty because you’ve never had one.”

At this point, all of the adults are laughing, and Bina, shaking her head, writes a little note. Hands it to Catie, then walks away. It says, “No orgies, ya Nasty!”

I love family getaways…


PS. I should mention that despite Bina’s words, she’s just as “nasty” as we are. There a lot of “69, hehehe” and “that’s what she said!” jokes she’s proud of.

Also, though we will always refer to her as “one of the kids,” she’s eighteen, and not as “innocent” as she once was. 😉

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