Weekend Aquarium Adventures! And Dinosaurs!

Hi there, Catie here!

Was anyone else feeling like winter had moved in permanently? I’m not sure how the weather has been where you are but around here its been cold/dreary/snowy/wet and generally unpleasant since November. You can imagine how happy I was to see that this past Saturday was supposed to be a spring-like 70 degrees! (We’re going to pretend that it didn’t drop back down to the 30’s and snow the next day.)


A quick look at the calendar told me that Ri had Saturday off – and – that one of our favorite haunts Mystic Aquarium was opening a dinosaur exhibit! My son, Ri,  has loved dinosaurs since before he could talk. I’ve love sea creatures since before I could talk so yes, I did decide almost immediately that we were going to be spending Saturday at the aquarium. Anyone else that wanted to go was more than welcome. Lena, Paul and T all decided to come, Bina had to work so would be sitting this trip out (darn.)

Lena here: Surprise trip to the aquarium?! Yes!! Unfortunately, we weren’t the only ones with that great idea. The place was packed! Even so, we had a great time. Catie, brilliant individual that she is, was able to buy advanced tickets in the car so we could avoid the mile-long line to get in. Highly recommend that.

We were there for a good chunk of time, wandering around with no true destination–with the exception of the dinosaur exhibit. That had to be first, of course. We took our time walking around, taking pictures, reading and learning. (Catie and Ri know just about everything about dinosaurs, the rest of us learned some things.)

Even T had a great time–which is saying something. Remember, she’s the teenager who can’t live without technology in front of her face. In this case, we gave her a camera and sent her on her way.  

After that, we walked around looking at little fishes, and big fishes. We took a break for lunch, then went back in for some more. Overall, I found it to be one of the most relaxing trips we’ve had. There were moments we just stopped walking and watched nature. No, I mean really watched nature. At one point, we spent a good fifteen minutes (maybe longer) looking at frogs and turtles. 

Catie here, I love both frogs and turtles, especially turtles. Mystic has a wetlands area that is semi-wild and a ton of fun to photograph. So we did spend longer in that area than most people do, most people just push through the path to get to the penguins.

Just look at how cute these little guys are! And there were so many of them. These three were the tip of the iceberg in turtle town 🙂

Obligatory penguin pic:

Did you say fish?

Have I mentioned how much I love having older kids? Itty bitty little ones are soooo adorable, but there is something to be said for having older kids. There’s no nagging, no whining: “I’m hungry!” or “I need a bathroom!” or “I’m tired!” It was just so calming. 

Unlike Lena, I  miss having little ones most on outings like this one. Not enough to have another baby but enough to miss watching a little kids face light up when the octopus comes out of its den or when they finally get to pet a ray. I’ll admit to thinking “Aww I miss those days” more than once throughout the day when other people’s kids did something adorable. I also coveted all the cool baby gear new parents have. But Lena does have a point, without little kids around I had far more time to take pictures and really enjoy all the exhibits.

The next time we go down, Bina will have to join us. Hopefully, Ri can make it too. But it seems like we need to sacrifice virgins, on a blue moon, during a solar eclipse, while dancing naked by a volcano in order for all six of us to have time off at the same time. 

Be happy!!!



Catie here, tune in next week for an exciting recap of our mini-kitchen reno. I’m thinking the title should be: WHY THE HELL IS IT SO HARD TO PUT IN A MICROWAVE?!?



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