We Love Thruple-Only Get Aways!

Hi there, Catie here. Happy Thursday!

I should have started this post Sunday night but there was a new episode of Bob’s Burgers on so blogging got bumped. Priorities, people!

Admit it, you hear the theme song in your head now.

Anyway back to the subject at hand. Paul, Lena and I had a fantastic offspring-free weekend away! We didn’t go too far, just a couple hours north to one of our favorite haunts: York, Maine. The plan was to unwind and relax as much as we possibly could in between having as much debauched fun as we could possibly fit into a 2 night, 3 day stay.  In retrospect, I must say: 


How about a day by day breakdown of this successful mission?


Lena had to put in a full day at work (I’m a slacker and only worked until noon) so Paul and I handled most of the packing.  In addition to the usual boring (but required for some reason) clothing, bathing suits and toiletries we packed: 

  • A small vibrator
  • The medium (but still too big for me) dildo
  • The new vibrating butt plug
  • 2 floggers
  • 1 paddle
  • A school girl skirt
  • A blindfold
  • Nipple clamps
  • Bondage tape
  • Lube
  • Some snacks (because you really work up an appetite sometimes, who knows how…)

When Lena came home and looked over our packing job, I think she might have been a little concerned. But we are crazy sex people and she is a bit of a voyeur so she knew it would all work out. 

Lena here, just shaking my head now as I did then. Hey, if they’re happy, I’m happy. Also yelling for the safe word! Safe word, please!!

Catie here – yes we have safe words, but those are for wimps and people not in tune with their partners. Ok, that’s not entirely true. But in all our time together I can count on one hand (with 3 fingers to spare) the number of times Paul and I combined have had to actually use our safe word. I think Lena wants to shout it out while watching more than we ever do. 

Lena here, saying it’s true. There are moments when I flinch, but they’re quick to laugh and tell me it doesn’t hurt, that it’s fun. So, go at it!

Well, sometimes it does hurt, but it’s a good hurt – don’t tell Lena.

Lena, shaking my head again. WTF does that even mean, “good hurt?” LMAO

Back to Friday. 

Once Lena was packed, we threw all the stuff in the SUV and headed north. We only hit a little traffic and made it to our destination around 7:30. By 7:45 we were in the room (which was very nice) googling for places to have dinner close by. The one drawback of small towns during the off season is that everywhere seems to close early. We tried one place but were told that they used corn in everything so we thanked them for their time and left. A short ride up the road brought us to what looked like a cute casual dining spot called Walkers. 

This was not a casual dining spot. This was a very fancy restaurant pretending to be casual dining.


Lena loved it, I think Paul enjoyed it. I felt woefully under-dressed and emotionally ill equipped for the atmosphere (which really was lovely for most people) and super-attentive-better-dressed-than-I-am waitstaff.  Anything fancier than TGI Fridays puts me on edge so it was a little bit of a rough start to the night for me. Luckily they had beer and a much-too-fancy burger on the menu. With beer, I can get through anything.

Homer and I have a lot in common.

After enjoying what was really a very nice meal we headed back to the room. After we each grabbed a quick shower, we spent the rest of the night playing “Lets Double Team and Torture Paul!” A very good time was had by all before we collapsed into our separate beds (solo sleeping for Catie, woo!) for a well deserved sleep.  

Lena here, laughing at the memory. Double Team Torture is one of our favorite games. Worry not, Paul loves every minute. 


Saturday started with us finding out that Lena forgot to pack shirts. I guess the pile of sex toys Paul and I decided to bring was more distracting than I originally thought. Not a big deal though because I chronically over pack and had a couple shirts for her to choose from. Once everyone was dressed we headed out for breakfast at one of our favorite haunts The Omelette Factory! As always the food was delicious and they had Bowie playing the entire time we were there.

If you did not love this man then we don’t need to be friends. Unless your only exposure was Labyrinth – I’ll admit his junk was was creepy but the music was good so focus on that.

After breakfast we decided to head to the beach for a bit before returning to the room for more x rated fun. Somewhere along the way we decided to try and find the lighthouse first. As many times as we’ve visited we never bothered to go to see it. I’m glad we did because it was beautiful! Why did we always skip it before?

IMG_2620 (1)
Ignore the random man that wandered into my shot

And the views…


After the lighthouse and beach we made a quick trip to the shops (so many cute shops) before heading back to the hotel. I really, really wanted to spend some time in the hot tub and pool so we “wasted” an hour or so floating around, chatting and just enjoying being together.

Lena here, daydreaming about the pool and hot tub. There is nothing wasteful about relaxing and recharging. It’s good for the body and soul, especially when you’re with people you love. I highly recommend it. 

Then we headed back to the room…. where Paul discovered just how much he enjoys being double teamed (one nice, one mean), bar gagged, blindfolded, teased, tortured (in the nicest ways imaginable) and used as a walking dildo.  I discovered that I really like gagging and blindfolding Paul. New experiences are part of the fun right?

The rest of Saturday night included a more relaxed sex session, lots of cuddles, TV time and a great dinner.


Sunday was leaving day…


We packed up, headed out to breakfast, then to the shops. The original plan was to bum around town and the beach for a few hours but the weather turned cool and rainy. So we headed home and back to reality. Not a complaint though, our reality is pretty great. We have each other, the offspring, the pets, a comfy house… and more blessings than we can count! Oh, and there was a new episode of Bob’s Burgers on that night…




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