We Forgot Paul!

Ooops! Insert this face again:


Here are Paul’s Five on Friday!

  1. Listening to Lately – Whatever my phone decides to play randomly when I’m driving. Also the new Overkill live album – it’s really good, two albums played live.
  2. Reading/Watching – Futurama, Bobs Burgers, Fear the Walking Dead. Reading lots of news articles online.
  3. Looking Forward to: Being out of work for a week. Actually 9 whole days!! And work on other things around the house, like replacing the sink in the kitchen.
  4. Anything exciting happen lately? Our last adults weekend was fun, no kids just us. Being able to be as deviant as we wanted.
  5. Favorite food this week? I didn’t have my favorite food this week BUT my sister had octopus a couple weeks ago and I got to bring it home to have again. I tried the D’Angelo’s Koren BBQ steak sandwich this week, that was good.

We promise not to forget him next Friday….

Hush Meryl

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