New Kitchen Sink! & Five On Friday

Hi There, Catie here! It’s that day of the week again, blogging day!


Guess what guys? We have a new kitchen sink!!! Exciting, right? Its a big, deep, shiny single basin number that makes me very happy.  Getting it installed was far from easy and not without a few surprises but so worth it. Yes I said surprises, like finding a baby spoon in the drain (no babies have ever lived in this house since Lena and Paul bought it) and that at some point the kitchen had a much larger sink (in my imagination it was the fancy farm house style sink of my dreams.)

Like this one.

Whoever installed the old (much smaller) sink used a bunch of spare pieces of wood (some of it from the cabinets) to fill in the gap in the counter and all of it had rotted over time. Paul was able to push a toothpick through some of it without bending the toothpick – yup it was that bad. Plus a bunch of the counter top tiles (don’t get me started on tile as a counter top material – who does that?) broke when the old sink was removed. So before Paul could even start the plumbing piece of the project he had to fabricate new counter top and tile it. Fun right?

No, not fun.

But Paul did it! And now we have this beauty in the kitchen:

10 inches deep, baby!

I love it, it’s perfect and we reorganized the kitchen as part of the project. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen so needless to say I’m pretty excited 🙂

Now, on to the reason you’re all here: Five On Friday!

Since we forgot him last week, we’ll start with Paul.

  • Favorite sexual position?  (Hmm, my favorite?) I’d have to say missionary, because I get to look at the person I’m fucking. 
  • What makes you cry? I don’t know. (I don’t think Mr. Paul liked this question)
  • What is your favorite smell-  and why? Food cooking, especially cookies and cakes because you can smell the sugar and sweetness. 
  • When people come to you for help, what do they usually want help with? Cars, people always need help fixing their cars. Or home improvements. 
  • What fictional place would you most like to go to? I don’t know, maybe Star Trek Voyager. (I’m sorta shocked by this one, I thought for sure he was going to say the Marvel Universe)

My turn! (Because Lena is asleep)

  • Favorite sexual position?  I don’t have one. I’m lucky enough to be able to orgasm with penetration alone so as long as something is in there I’ll probably cum on it.
  • What makes you cry? Lots of things. Certain songs, memories, Downton Abby, Call the Midwife. Damn I have to stop being so emotional.
  • What is your favorite smell-  and why? The ocean. It just makes me happy.
  • When people come to you for help, what do they usually want help with? People don’t come to me for help – my general uselessness is fairly well known. I mean Paul might come to me for a lay but that’s about it. 
    • Hi, Lena popping in to call bullshit on this one. Lots of people ask her for help. Catie’s got this aura that says, “I understand!” even if she doesn’t always like it. Even strangers feel comfortable opening up to her. For example, this one time, (at band camp,) a fellow bathroom goer was crying. Catie offered some comforting words (don’t remember what), but when the gal mentioned she was afraid of being pregnant, Catie pulled out a pregnancy test from her bag. (Yes, she used to walk around with those in her bag. A story for another day.) The point is that most strangers would have said, “I’m fine,” and let it go at that. But not when Catie’s involved. People trust her to help them. And she does.
  • What fictional place would you most like to go to?  Without a second thought, Avonlea. Yes, the small town that Anne of Green Gables is set in. I’ve always wanted to see the Lake of Shining Waters and The Haunted Wood. The school house, church and Green Gables. Can you tell that I loved the Anne books? 

Lena’s Turn!

  • Favorite sexual position? Doggy. I love when someone comes at me from behind, and bites my neck, and then grabs my… Then I lean forward a bit, and… Well, I’m going to stop there before I need to excuse myself. Anyway, I think it’s a remnant appreciation for those romance novel covers, you know the kind with the man pulling the woman tightly up against him, and he has his face against her neck, while she leans back and gives him full access. Yeah, that’s nice.
  • What makes you cry? Oh goodness, far too many things: TV shows, movies, books, thinking of the past, thinking about the future, thinking of my day job, my family (including the furry ones), appreciating the people who love me, sunshine, rain, the beach. Is that enough?
  • What is your favorite smell-  and why? I have no idea… Um… Food is a good one; not sure it’s my favorite, though. I love the smell of the beach, too. I love how Paul and Catie smell after a shower. I love lavender. Why? No clue. I just do.
  • When people come to you for help, what do they usually want help with? (Outside work and not including the children) I get asked for writing/publishing information. Mostly feedback on stories, blurbs, covers, videos (for advertising), that kind of thing, but sometimes for how-to, too. It’s fun.
  • What fictional place would you most like to go to? So, after some thought, I still have no answer for this. Here’s the thing: these amazing places that genius people created are always in peril. Think people with special abilities or magic – that someone wants to kill for; or huge mansions with holograms – that someone wants to steal. They’re always under attack, and I’m too young to die!

Thank you for reading, you brave wonderful souls! As always feel free to leave a comment or share your answers to this weeks questions. You can also send in any questions you might have for us. Who knows maybe it will be one of the questions we answer!

Until next time.


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