Someday, I will not care when a weekend is over. But that day, unfortunately, is not today.

Friday night was a rough one for me, because that’s when my sore throat started. Summer colds, gotta love ’em. My weekend was spent with drugs and a thermometer. And though I attempted to be productive and work on my manuscript, it was slow going. Mostly, I played sudoku and words with friends. Oh, and I went window shopping for expensive windows. Million dollar plus windows. Let me tell you, I have good taste.

Aren’t these amazing windows?!

Paul and Catie also had a busy weekend. It started out well, with a concert to Catie’s favorite band – Counting Crows. I hear it was amazing.

Hi there, Catie here! Counting Crows was absolutely amazing. I’ve been a big CC fan since August and Everything After came out (so mid 1990s) and have been to 20+ shows. I’ve seen amazing shows and I’ve seen them so drunk they just sorta stumbled through the set.  Friday night’s show was an amazing one. I’m glad I was there and I’m glad Paul was too. The dress I wore didn’t have pockets so I really needed him to hold my keys, phone and wallet. This was Paul’s 6th Counting Crows show, he’s a trooper and I love him. 

But it ended up with Catie’s car in pieces and a very angry Paul. Something about brake maintenance but with an impromptu trip to the auto store for things because they didn’t fit like they should’ve. There was a lot of passionate walking and many, many swears.

If he could’ve, he would’ve.

I both love and hate when Paul looks at my car. I love that he has the knowledge but I hate that it always turns into more of a hassle than it should be. Deep down, I think I resent that I still live in a place where a car is required. I had this plan to live in a city with busses…

(In case you were wondering, that city is Honolulu. That’s on the list of “someday…”)

Ri also showed up unexpectedly with empty water jugs.

Sidebar — It’s not uncommon for people to joke about kids shopping in their parent’s kitchen. I remember doing that with Paul’s parents, and now the kids do it to us. But when I think about “shopping” in a kitchen, I don’t think of gallons and gallons worth of water.

Yup. Ri came to “steal” water. Regular tap water.


So, this is what’s going on: Ri lives with my mom and dad, and their house has a well. Which is great for things like washing clothes, showers, dishes and brushing your teeth. But it’s not really fantastic enough to drink all the time. Which is no big deal because bottled water is a thing. Except, my mom has a bunch of crazy allergies, and every once in a while, the bottled water doesn’t agree with her. When that happens, my younger sister and I fill up bottles for her from our taps. She has water to drink that doesn’t make her feel sick, we get to feel like decent children. 

But he stayed for a little bit and played some games with T. Catie would have enjoyed his visit more if Paul wasn’t so angry about the car. Catie was outside with Paul for most of the visit.

I still enjoyed the visit. I just like having him in the house…

Fast forward a few hours and Paul’s sister and her fiance (and their three girls) showed up for engagement pictures. (Another sidebar–Catie is a fantastic photographer! Not an exaggeration. Some of the pictures she takes are the same quality as a “professional” aka “expensive” artist.) This was pre-planned and expected. What wasn’t expected was that they’d stay for dinner. Also, surprise, it’s our oldest niece’s birthday.


Also, shit…

We totally forgot… yikes!

In our defense, there was no mention of that ahead of time.

Okay! Okay! We’re horrible people.

We shouldn’t have to be reminded when it’s our niece’s birthday. But we’ve become accustomed (spoiled, I admit it) to being prepared ahead of time with party invitations. Since the kids are older, they’re not getting parties anymore, so no more reminders. At least this was a first offense. We’ll have to be better next time.

So Catie made a quick run to the store for a birthday cake. We lit candles and shouted at the birthday girl.

Yay! Everything is good again.

Right up until I made the middle child cry. I’m a horrible person. Sigh. Bina asked if she could stay over the night and I said no. I feel bad, but I’m sick (like runny nose, coughing, fever, and my favorite–a throat full of glass shards) and I have to work (from home) in the morning. If it was one or the other, I would have let it go, but not with both. Catie commented that I could go into the office.


First, I hate the office. Second, why am I going to share my illness with the people there? She then mentioned that I probably got it from there. True, but still.

I will have to make it up to her another time.

At least the photo session went well. I wish I could share the pictures here but privacy. I love a bunch of the photos I took and I really hope they do too. They liked looking at the proofs at least. I love technology. After the shoot, I was able to cast the photos to the giant TV in the living room for all to see and comment on.  

The moral of the story is that when you’re in a poly relationship, you get twice the chances of surprises, be they illness, things that don’t work, or unexpected visits. (And twice the in-laws!) If it’s not happening to you, it’s happening to someone around you, and you’ll have to deal with it.


Be well, everyone.


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