So I Missed Friday

Hi there, Catie here!

I meant to post on Friday but as always time got away from me. In my defence we’ve had a very busy weekend.


The usual, work, quick dinner and a ton of errands in the evening for all the adults. It doesn’t sound like much but all those errands really eat up your time. It’s just too bad we need silly things like food, toiletries, drinks.


Paul’s sister got married Saturday aboard the U.S.S. Massachusetts in Battleship Cove. It was a lovely ceremony, Paul gave the bride (who looked amazing) away and the views were fantastic. The rest of the day was filled with family, excellent food and yes, more errands!

That’s my Ri in the lower left, ignore him and look at that view from the ship!
Another view!

Sunday –

Lena went to sell books with her author buddy at a very popular local arts festival. One of two she’ll be participating in this holiday weekend. While Paul tore my car apart. I’m so glad he is too, I’ve had a dead wheel bearing for quite a while. It’s not dangerous to drive the car but it is noisy and it’s been driving me nuts!! I decided to reorganize our giant bathroom closet. Again, doesn’t sound like much but it turned into quite the project. It looks great for now and all our “stuff” has a place to live. I’m sure it won’t last but hey I got it done. Our T also had a date over for the afternoon (nothing cuter than a quirky teen with new equally quirky beau.)  Paul’s two youngest nieces came to spend the night too so the house was full of kids and teens, which is always fun.

So as you can see we’ve been busy with a bunch of “nothing really.” How does day to day life get so busy anyway?!?

Next week we’ll all be together to do 5 random questions I promise!

See you next week!!

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