Winter Is Coming…

Happy Election Day!





Hi there, Catie here!  I have mixed feelings about today. Mostly I’m hopeful about the blue wave that everyone has been talking about, even if it does seem more like a blue ripple right now (come on west coast, make me proud.) I’m also a little sad because election day means it’s November. Which means the family’s favorite creepy season is officially coming to an end.


Halloween is over and despite all our decorating and candy buying it wasn’t much fun this year. Apparently, no one lets their kids Trick or Treat on main roads anymore.

Silly parents caring about safety and stuff..

Plus because we all have crazy schedules we never made it pumpkin picking. Which means I didn’t get our annual Family Picture in the Pumpkin Patch. Boo!! Once again I blame the kids for growing up into successful adults.

All the trees have changed colours and the leaves are falling pretty steadily.


The temp is dropping quickly and we’ve turned the clocks back (which is seriously screwing me up) and it feels like the world is always dark. I know the cold is coming next. In fact the weatherman said the “S” word tonight. Luckily it was followed by “I don’t see any in the near future” but still the fact that it’s possible now makes me sad.

ugh, not looking forward to mornings like this.

It’s not all doom and gloom though, Thanksgiving is coming. We won’t be spending it together but the prepping a feast and then eating it with people you love is always fun.


Ri and I are going to be going on our very first cruise in a couple weeks. Just a short Carribean cruise to test the waters, so to speak. I have to admit to not being entirely sure that I’m going to love spending that many days on a boat, even if it is a really big boat with lots to do.

And we’ve already booked our family Christmas trip away. I think Ri might even be able to come on the Christmas trip for a couple days! Woo!

I have to go obsessively stare at poll results now guys, I’m not sure why. I’m 99% sure it will just depress me more.


Love ya



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