So Blogging Regularly Isn’t Our Strong Suit, You Know You Love Us Anyway…

Hi there, Catie here!

Actual footage of me on vacation 😉 

Can you believe it’s been a whole MONTH since we’ve updated?? I can’t, lets catch up! 

The last time we posted was just before the mid-term elections. I had expected to wake up in an even redder country the next day (I have very little faith in humanity) and was pleasantly surprised to find out that we blues had flipped the House and won some Governorships into the bargain. The Senate is still a nightmare and don’t even get me started on the Cheeto that is the President currently but there time is coming, just wait. (Looking at you Mueller.) 

Yes, yes politics (yawn) now let’s get to the good stuff: What’s been going on with us since then? Lots! Most of it was stupid little every day stuff. Work, keeping up with the house, dealing with the cold, chasing the “kids” around, chasing the pets around, planning holidays. But the highlights of the past month are below if you want to read keep reading!

Lena has published another book!! This one is a joint effort with a fairly notable local author. It was an uphill battle to get it accomplished at times (I can’t imagine writing a book at all, never mind trying to collaborate on one) but they didn’t just get this book published, they committed to a second book as well! Authors are crazy, I tell you. If you’re interested, search amaz.on for “The Write Appeal” and it should pop right up for your reading pleasure. 

We love books!

 The week after the election some cosmic magic happened and we were finally able to line up our schedules with some of our BFF’s for not just one but TWO game nights! Two weeks in a row! Fun was had, an escape room was solved, lots of wine was drunk (by me), lots of tasty foods eaten (also by me) and great stories were told. We have our fingers crossed for more game nights this month too, only less wine this time, I’d like to remember all the fun this time!  

wine, where?

My son and I went on a cruise the last week of November. A first for both of us and I have to say it was a very nice time. I wasn’t sure how much I would love being stuck on a boat for days at a time so we started with a quick 4 day to the Bahamas. Ri really loved cruise life. Napping whenever he felt like it, pizza available 22 hours a day, pools, hot tubs, drinks, a fantastic coffee bar and Wifi? He also loved the island tour that we took. Ri is a bit of a history buff and our guide had been in his 20’s when they seperated from the UK.  Ri had questions, the guide had answers and was more than happy to share his point of view and some stories from the time.  The island was beautiful, the water was lovely. The economy is…dismal. The divide between the rich and the poor is glaringly obvious. Years of colonialism followed by corruption at its best. No easy answers anywhere, I guess. But here are a few pictures that show just how beautiful it is to look at.

Hi guys, it’s Lena.

While Catie and Ri were loving the gorgeous Atlantic ocean, the rest of us were doing what we do, with a couple of minor exceptions. The first is that we missed them, of course, though she kept in touch and sent lots of pictures. I don’t know about Paul, but I was a tiny bit jealous. Did I mention gorgeous ocean views?? 

The second item was that Paul decided to move his TV watching obsession from Bob’s Burgers to South Park. Sigh. Now… We all have our thing to watch. Bina and I enjoy a lot of the same things: murder porn (fiction), some action/adventure (think marvel universe), and the romantic/comedy movies. Catie likes documentaries. And Paul? Paul likes to binge watch TV shows until we can all quote from it. Also, I’m not a fan of the park of south. Okay, yes, there are a few amusing moments, but most of the time, I feel my brain cells crying for help before they waste away to nothingness. There’s only so much Mr. Hankey I can stand. 

Now that Catie is back, it’s two against one! Muahahaha! Oh, don’t feel bad for him. He can watch a little bit, just not hours a time, damn it. 

So, something very important to keep in mind when going poly–make sure your partners agree with your TV choice! Or else you’ll end up with two people saying, “No more south park, damn it!”



Hi, Catie again. One last thought:  his problem, not ours. 😉

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