Quick TV Followup

Saturday morning. I’m in the kitchen taking care of the dishes. Paul and Catie are in the living room. South Park is, once again, on the tv.

Paul comes into the kitchen for something and jokingly quotes South Park. I give him a look. You know, the look. The one wives give their husbands. And I said “you are not going to make South Park the new Bob’s. It’s not gonna happen.”

From the living room, Catie says, “you know, we could watch that show I was watching last night. It’s funny.”

“But, I want to watch South Park,” cries Paul.

To which Catie says, “but it’s funny.”

Paul, feeling double tagged, whines, “but it’s not fair! I wanna watch South Park!” (He’s joking.)

Me, from the sink, “you know what we haven’t done in a long time, honey? We haven’t watched any romantic movies together.” I hear Catie panicking in the living room. “I think the three of us should have a date night, and watch a cute romantic comedy. What do you think?”

Catie, from the living room, to Paul, “What have you done?!” Not giving him a chance to respond, she says, “this is South Park revenge!”

She knows me so well. 😉


Hi there, Catie here. As we’ve discussed before, I don’t really share the same taste in movies as the rest of the family. I like documentaries, slasher flicks and kids movies. I like one foot in reality pretty much at all times (unless it’s a kids movie) and feel like my brain is melting when a Rom Com is on (sorta like Lena when South Park is on.)  I also feel like they give women unrealistic expectations. Trust me, no fantastic guy is going to come save you from whatever calamity is going on in your life. One might show up and enhance your life a bit but they aren’t going to fix everything for you. I’m not just spouting feminist nonsense here, my BFF is over forty, has a life pretty much in shambles and is still waiting for her prince to come. I hear the phrase “Why can’t I just find a good man that will marry me and fix this?” once a week.


Not. Kidding. Thank you Hallmark and HBO (her two favorite channels since age 9.)

Don’t get me wrong, they are great if your a romantic that can keep a foot in reality. I’m just not a romantic.


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