Did Everyone Have A Great Holiday Season? We Sure Did!

Hi there,  Catie here to wreck enhance your day on the internet!

I’m happy to announce that we’ve survived another holiday season despite the cheeto-in-chief’s best efforts. I know this blog is supposed to be about the goings on of our big happy blended family but seriously guys, I can’t NOT say something about how stupid this man is. I just hate him more every day. When you think about it, he’s Eric Cartman from Southpark in adult human form.  He’s pretty much done all these things:


My heart goes out to to all the civil servants (regardless of political affiliation because that’s important, apparently) and their families that a went without a paycheck over Christmas. They probably won’t see a paycheck again until well into January 2019, think about that for a minute. Then remember that Republicans run pretty heavily on a platform that claims to care for working families. Just not their healthcare, ability to pay their bills, keep their housing or feed their children, just their votes. You know, the important things.


Ok, deep breaths, everyone deep breaths. Lets all listen to this brilliant kid:


Moving on..

We had a wonderful family get away over Christmas week. On the 21st we went to beautiful Cape Cod, MA and checked into one of Paul and Lena’s timeshare condo options for the week. A truly lovely little two bedroom condo close to everything we wanted or needed.  It had just enough room for the five (or for one night: six) of us. How dare my Ri grow up and have a life of his own! – I kid, I kid, I’m very proud of him and thankful that he took the time out to come and stay with us for a bit. We always have more fun when he’s around and my cold, black heart is always a little bit happier when he’s close by.

There were a couple hiccups, when we got to the timeshare office to check in we were told that the Wifi in the rooms was “spotty” due to a recent upgrade that was taking longer than expected to complete (queue panic, this was a working vacation for L and I, we needed wifi) and even more upsetting, the hot tub was broken!!!

When we got to the room we had a bit of a second panic when we realised that the bed in the master was only a full and not a queen! No way all three of us could share like we normally do. I’ll admit to a near total meltdown at that point. Between not really being sure how I was going to work the following Monday or where Ri would be able to sleep if one of us had to use the sofabed I was DONE.

I’m well aware that these were First World problems. We were on a vacation, safe, healthy and together and that’s all that mattered. But at the time I was very tired (full work day, plus all kinds of packing, plus a two hour drive to The Cape in pea-soup fog) and had been looking forward to just relaxing on this trip. Who wants to  worry about the logistics of where everyone is going to sleep and if I’d have to drive two hours home to get to work in 48 hours?? And if I did have to go home, where would I sleep? We had family house sit for us and their plans revolved around being able to stay at our house! The last thing I wanted to do was show up at home and say “Sooo, you guys can totally keep doing what you’re planning but I’m going to be around too, surprise!”


Luckily, Paul and Lena were both far more clear headed than I was at the time. We put all the food and stuff we brought with us away, opened the sofabed, played a round of cards and went to bed. As expected, things looked much better in the morning after coffee and breakfast. We spent the morning together playing Uno (T’s favorite, when she’s winning) until Ri got there in the afternoon.

Ri brought up one of his gaming systems, so he set it up in the living room and the “kids” (they are 22, 19 & 16) played Minecraft for a bit. I’m slowly learning the ‘love of video games never ends’ but there is far more to life, so Paul, Lena and I suggested a trip to the pool. Ri had mentioned that he saw a a mini-golf course on the condo grounds on his way to our unit too, so we all grabbed our swimsuits and coats, and headed back to the clubhouse to see what there was to do. We quickly decided on a round of minigolf first, followed by a dip in the pool to warm back up.

Minigolf was a huge success, everyone had a blast even if we did sort of freeze a little. It was pretty cold out and I don’t think any of us expected to complete the full 18 hole course but a couple hole-in-ones, a ton of joking around, and general shenanigans kept us going despite the cold. I’m really glad we had the course to ourselves, because I don’t think other families would have loved how we were running around and being silly. Then we went to the pool to warm up. Let me tell you, swimming in lukewarm water followed by a trip to the sauna never felt so good!

Back at the room, we had a Gingerbread House Building Battle, offspring against parents. A ton of frosting and many candies were eaten, and there was a clear winner. I wish I could say that we had a ton of laughs doing this too, but some of us really, really wanted perfect houses. And others of us were just in it for the frosting and candy… It was still fun and we will absolutely be making Gingerbread House Building Battle a new family tradition.

GingerBread House Battle
Okay, maybe not a clear winner… but they tasted good.

We finished the night with card games and TV.  Ri left the next day to go be with the other side of his family and get back to his normal sleep schedule. Boo!! It was just as well, I had to work anyway so I wasn’t much fun.

We spent the rest of the vacation eating way too much junk food, playing tons of board and card games.  Oh and on Christmas we exchanged small gifts in the morning and spent the afternoon playing mini-golf before heading out for Chinese food and sushi.

We spent the rest of the trip being lazy in the best way possible. I read 1/2 a book, we talked, some Netflix and Chill time (nudge, nudge, wink, wink.) We went shopping for after Christmas sales and went out to eat a couple more times.  Much too quickly it was time to go home.

Hi, Lena here.

As is always the case when we go on vacation, leaving is bittersweet. Home is home; it’s where we live our lives. But with home comes reality and responsibilities. Then again, it also comes with our furry family, and after five days away, we really missed them–even the orange menace who goes around hissing at everyone.

The return was uneventful. We divided and conquered the necessary unpacking/cleaning/pick up puppy errands, and things went back to normal far too quickly. Already, the trip is a memory. (I know, I sound morose.) We’re enjoying the last few days before school starts up again and Paul goes back to work, and I’m already looking forward to another escape from reality. 

So far, we don’t have any New Year’s plans, and that’s okay with me. I think we’re just going to stay home, and…


Happy New Year!


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