The Completely Unsolicited “Things we Love” Post

Hi there, Catie here! Two weeks in a row, impressive right? I thought it would be fun to do something a little different this week. Instead of a boring super-fun weekly recap I thought Paul, Lena and I could each share a few of our favorite things. I decided to break it down to our top three stores and a top three of four items/services we love best and why. Please know that we are NOT being paid for these recommendations and I’m not going to be including links to any of the stores or products. Wait, I tell a lie, I have to include one link because it’s the store name but again, it’s not an affiliate link. We are talking about these places and items because we love them and find that they make our lives easier/better/tastier not because they paid us to. Because really, advertising on a poly blog might not be any of these brands’ thing.

I’ll go first:

Stores – I go through phases with stores, these are my current three favorite stores.

  1.  – Seriously love this company and they have almost everything you need to stock your kitchen for $3.00 an item! Just about everything they offer is organic, recycled, biodegradable, free trade. Plus every time you place an order meals are donated to Feeding America. They have a membership option, which includes free Fedex shipping on all your orders -whether you buy 1 item or 300- for a year. Plus dedicated customer service and instead of one donated meal per order they give two. Yes, I joined, yes it’s worth it! I’ve slowly replaced a bunch of our kitchen staples (including cleaners) with Brandless products. Everyone in the house loves their gummy candy, pasta sauce and granola bars. Paul and I love their coffee, we’ve tried their dark roast, whole bean, k-cup, and cold brew packs, all fantastic. Their chips, crackers and assorted other snacks have all been yummy too. They also offer kitchen tools, personal care and cleaning products – all made with safe, biodegradable ingredients- and stationary.  Sadly, we already have too many kitchen tools but I couldn’t resist ordering a serving spoon and a spatula. Both made of medical grade heat safe silicone and easily replenished bamboo. I love them both, they feel sturdy, look nice and can be used safely in non-stick pans. Everyone that knows me knows that I love of stationary almost to the point of obsession. Notebooks, pens, pencils, fine markers all bring me joy. What’s not to love about notebooks, pens and pencils made from 100% recycled materials? I’ve ordered one of everything and use them constantly – even for the outline of this post. Anyway, it’s good stuff and more people should check them out. Oh almost forgot, their body butter and lotions…. don’t get me started on those!

    Brandless Book and Mechanical Pencil.
    Ok, so you can’t tell but the notebook is Brandless too.
  2. Target – I mean do I really have to say anything about Target? Of course I do! I think I could move into a Target and live happily ever after. Just about everything you need or want can be found in Target (yes, I know that there are many minuses to this.) But their sales? OMG, especially after holidays are AH-MAZING!!! Just today I shopped the After Christmas Sale 70% off anything “Holiday” themed. SEVENTY PERCENT PEOPLE! Big bags of M&Ms $0.95 (I bought 3!) A big bag of Reese PB Cups? $1.80. Gharadelli squares? $1.35 (I grabbed 2 bags.) An 8oz bottle of orange-blossom honey? $1.25. The same sized bottle in the non-holiday section was over $5.00!! More importantly, we are stocked up on chocolate and in this house it will go. Plus, I like to keep chocolates at my desk at work for my co-workers so they leave with a smile. Once upon a time those chocolates were for me too but Keto…so no more chocolates for me. Boo. I buy a lot of my clothes from target too, strictly from the clearance sections and know what? I get tons of compliments and love it the faces I get when I say the piece was only X on clearance at Target. We get a lot of our groceries and household stuff there too. I also love their monthly beauty boxes, only available online and not a subscription service. I don’t buy one every month, only when it looks like stuff I might want to try. The downside? If you don’t remember they offer a monthly beauty box they sell out before you can order it!
Joy to the world!!

3. Marshalls – Part of the Homegoods, TJ Maxx family I didn’t shop here often until fairly recently. They are a constantly changing hodge-podge of higher end clothes at discount prices, shoes, household items, pet items, food, electronics, make up, high end beauty products and make-up. You name it, they might just have it. You’ll just have to go in and look around. One of my “most loved” products below was found in a Marshall’s, so were my two favorite sweaters and the smallest pair of jeans I’ve bought in many years. I’ve found a bunch of the Skinny Girl Syrups there at deep discounts and I mean deep, $3.99 for a bottle that normally costs between $14- $17? Yes, please! This Keto girl needs to sweeten up her coffee without carbs and at these prices I can get a variety of flavors! I do love variety, nothing better than something different every morning! But like I said in the beginning, it’s ever changing so sometimes you go and find everything you’ve ever dreamed of and other times you’ll find zilch.

You’ll just have to go look around.

Products –

  1. lumeneLumen Overnight Bright Cream – I received this eye cream as part of the December Target Beauty Box and I am hooked. My skin really is brighter, I think the little wrinkles around my eyes look better and I had some dark acne spots on my chin that cleared up within a few days of using this stuff.  I read somewhere that it was the vitamin C that was making my skin so happy. Vitamin C, great for keeping colds away and your skin, who knew?
  2. hairmaskRen Pure Coconut Oil Hair Mask – This friends was a Marshall’s find. I bleached and dyed my hair around 7 months ago and ever since I’ve (predictably) had trouble keeping my hair healthy and moisturized. This stuff is really doing the trick. I love it and wish I had bought a couple more bottles. As an added bonus my scalp feels amazing and moisturized too!
  3. ashland_24_monaco_birdseye_alt_1Contigo Water Bottle with Autospout – I bought the first set of these bottles from Target on Black Friday, they were on sale – a two pack for half off. Ri and I were leaving for our cruise later that day and I thought a couple reusable bottles would come in handy while we were away. They did and they had an added bonus that I wasn’t expecting. I’ve been (trying to) stick to the Keto way of eating which includes drinking a ton of water, about half my body weight in ounces a day. I love that these bottles have measure markers (in ounces and ML) so I can easily make sure I’ve had enough water. I love how the autospout straw opens with the press of a button, I love how easy it is to take the entire thing apart to be cleaned and that it’s BPA free and dishwasher safe! Best of all – after Christmas I found a two pack on sale at Target for $7.00!! So now I have three of these beauties in rotation.  Plus, what’s not to love about reusables?

Paul’s Stores! Fair warning Paul is man a few words or I’m just super wordy, one or the other.

  1. lowesLowes: All kinds of stuff for home improvement.
  2. toolsSears:  Tools. (Paul is a mechanic, so that’s all he really needs to say)
  3. giphyBJs: Food. It’s true, we do a ton of our grocery shopping at BJs Wholesale.


  1. Coffee – Because it tastes good and has caffeine
  2.  iPhone – Keeps me in contact with everyone and I can get information from it.
  3. My Music – I listen to music all the time.

Lena’s Turn!! Will happen in a couple weeks when she gets home from her cruise 😊

What are your favorite stores and products? I’m always up for a new place to shop 🙂




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