It’s Been Busy!

Hi there, Catie here! Happy Superbowl Sunday, if you celebrate and just plain Happy Sunday if you don’t (like us.)

What’s have we been up to, you ask? Lets see…

Lena and Bina thoroughly enjoyed their two week cruise, but I’ll let Lena tell you all about it.

Paul and I did pretty well managing the homefront on our own just the two of us for a full 15 days.  Paul and I found a new “game” to play over the last few days they were away. I can’t speak for him but I had a very, very good time and think we should play more whenever we have the chance.


Once Lena and Bina were back we were all back to the usual home/work/school/pretend to be a grown up routine and before we knew it, it was February!?!?


As we all know the first weekend of February means a we were off to beautiful Newport, RI for a writers convention. Ok, Lena was there for the writers convention, Paul and I were there to use the hot tub, enjoy a hotel stay, visit the car museum, eat yummy food, visit a bookstore and be generally lazy.  Which sounds great but leaves a ton to do on Sunday afternoon when we get home. Like the grocery shopping for the week, meal prep lunches (because, I’m *supposed* to be dieting), catch up on laundry and convince our heard of pets that we didn’t really abandon them. They disagree. Oh well.

We don’t love you anymore, go away.
How could you leave me with the aunt and uncle that adore me and submit to my every whim?

Hey there, it’s Lena. Don’t buy the sad puppy-dog-eyes. The Princess was dotted upon. She just likes everyone to believe otherwise.

The cruise was phenomenal, amazing, beautiful, and I never wanted to leave. I wanted to hide under a bed, or maybe get a job there, just so I could stay aboard. I know, I know, the experience of a guest is far different from what the staff goes through, but let me have my dreams. Of course, I could just live on one of them. I mean, some of those cruises cost under a $100 a day. Between food, mortgage, heating/cooling, electricity, property taxes, car expenses plus insurance, blah blah blah, living on land has to cost more than $100 a day. I just need to find a job that I can do from a ship.

Wait! I have one! I write novels!

Okay, everyone, please stop reading this and go buy my books, because I want to move into a cruise ship on a permanent basis. Go, go on. Don’t worry, I’ll wait. 

But please come back and finish reading this. Then give us a like and/or leave a comment. Please and thank you.

Take your time…

Okay, welcome back.

There are a couple of downsides to this plan of mine. For one, only my brother feels as passionately about cruising as I do. Everyone else wants land. But I’m okay with this. We’ll do video conferencing often, and it’ll be fine. What wouldn’t be fine is being apart from my furry family. Prix, especially. He’s my kitten. (Yup, you read that right. Screw the humans, but I need the furry family! And yes, they know this.) So, I guess I’ll stay around for a little while longer.

Let me know if you want the cruise details, and I’ll post a blog about all the details. There were definitely some funny moments.


Until next time,







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