It’s All Paul’s Fault

As the title implies, Paul is to blame for what happened.

Once upon a time, many years ago, we needed a new car. We went to a local Chevy dealer and we test-drove a four-door sedan. It was a typical family car, fairly good on gas, and plenty big enough for the four of us. So, we put some money down on it, and went home.

The more I thought about it, the more I hated it. I called Paul at work and told him that we couldn’t buy that car. It had no pep and was as boring as could be. At that point, I told him, “I’d rather you buy the camaro instead of the boring sedan.” And he did. A brand new one.


Since then, the dealership sends him free tickets to the new-car shows. And this is where the story really begins. (side note: If you don’t know yet, I am a queen stuck in the life of a middle-class woman. I have champagne tastes, with bottled-water pockets. Luckily, it’s bottled, not tap.)

So, there we are, Paul and I, looking at all the fancy new cars coming out this year. Paul heads to the trucks area, and I head to the little ones, looking for my unicorn. (My ideal car is like a unicorn: something that doesn’t exist.) I want a small but tall car, with excellent gas mileage,  yet goes super fast. Oh, and it has to have all-wheel drive for new england winters. And I need to be able to afford it. (If this car exists, I hadn’t found it yet.)

But then I see this one… Dare I say it? Have I found my unicorn?

2019 Chevy Bolt

It fits all the criteria, minus the all-wheel drive, but since the car is so heavy, they tell me it’s excellent in the snow. (another side note: Paul and I have bought a lot of cars from this guy. He’s not only nice, but he’s honest. I know, I know, it sounds like another unicorn, but it’s true. He’s one of those rare people that realize that investments pay off. When I called him to cancel the deal on the sedan, he just said, “Okay. Let me know if you want to test drive something else.” No pressure. No arguments. No comments about us losing our deposit. As a result of that, he’s had us as repeat customers for the next five-or-so years.)

The majestic unicorn!

I go home and try to forget about the Bolt. After all, the SUV I have now is fine. It’s a great vehicle, it fits seven people (not that we need all that space; ninety percent of the time, it’s only the driver, and the other ten percent is the driver plus four others, at most,) it’s great in winter, and getting a brand new car is out of the question. I don’t need it.

And again, I repeat, it’s his fault. Paul, sweet, sweet Paul, said, “Just go test drive it. It doesn’t hurt to test drive it and you’ll know if you really like it.” I tried to say no, but… I really wanted to drive it.

A week later, I have a brand new car in the driveway. We’ve named it Shocker. It’s amazing… I love, love, love it. (I still haven’t driven it in the snow, but I’m really hoping it’s as good as they’ve told me.) My queen-heart is happy as can be! It’s everything I wanted, with extras I didn’t even know existed. Did you know that they have heated steering wheels?? I didn’t!

Now, dear reader… here is my shameless self-promotion call-to-action: Please go buy my books so I can pay for the new car….

I’m just kidding!!



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